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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Quick Note, A Good Gathering

I've got a few things to do to catch up from some neglected work yesterday, my sweet daughter is desiring to go to town to pick up some things and I thought I might head over to Funky_Junk_Sisters' show while we were there.

So no more two-thousand-plus word essays on food today, just a snap shot of the table for one of the best gatherings I have experienced. Rick and Pat came out early and Pat fried chicken on Dirt's three burner propane cook top outside while the rest of us sat on our hineys talkin'. Nothing fancy, but like Kathleen, my cup runneth over indeed with the simple goodness of a life in Him.

Dirt began us off with considering what God would prefer when we have relationships that go a wry. We spoke of Him and how he ought to be our first and last and that we ought to be content even if we are striped of everything, as long as we have Him (the Holy Trinity). It was a very good night.

Since today I have not kidnapped you, sat you down and made you read an hour's worth of my shenanigans, I would ask you instead to go to my side bar and "take the time" to watch Rachel's video.

And a quick aside Dear Reader, I may take on an occasional authoritative and bossy voice (as a youngest still at heart I like to exercise it until I am caught) but I really must admit that I am certainly not an expert on anything and am proven rip roaring wrong often. Most of what I say is truly opinion and has nothing to do with an expert giving you sound facts.

There, now you have it, my legal disclaimer from being held responsible!

Have a great and beautiful day Dear Reader, and may you know that God is there with you, above you, below you, on your left side and on your right, in you and all around you. And He is Good!


Mildred said...

What a blessing to sit outdoors in the beauty of God's creation with family and friends. A lovely table setting and the fried chicken sounds yummy! Sounds like you all had a wonderful gathering. God bless you Lanny.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Your gathering sounds as if the Holy Spirit was glad to be there worshipping the Trinity/the Creator and His creation (particularly the fried chicken part of creation - as a southerner we tend to believe fried chicken will be served in heaven at the wedding feast with the Lamb!)beautiful setting and nice tribute.

LindaSueBuhl said...

obviously I am not paying attention very well - the Holy Spirit would not be worshipping itself - didn't want to start a theological errancy

Tipper said...

sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!

Marla said...

It was good that the weather let you sit outside for your gathering. Have a good weekend.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

The gathering sounds like such good fun.

I watched the entire video concerning Rachel. Her speech was very powerful and moving. Everyone should make the time to listen to her words. It was so compelling that I didn't punch out about 10 minutes into it like I usually do with videos. I feel like your sharing this is fulfilling the scripture "therefore edify one another with these words" because that's the way Rachel left me with that feeling. Thank you dear friend for that.

God bless. :o) xx

KathyB. said...

Rick and Pat are truly encouraging and Godly people, and an evening spent sharing communion with them is an evening well spent!( and the chicken sounds yummy)

Cliff said...

Really nice affair I'd say. The chicken looks good.
Our 100 or so fryers are on the way to slaughter in the morning.
We've had 4" of rain this week so my wifes garden watering duties have eased a bit.

Daisy said...

I think you had a day full of blessings, Lanny. Nice post. Happy Sunday to you!