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Weather and Phenological Diary

First week of April, skunk cabbage spaths are up and bright. Weather has been typical spring weather, warm, chilly, clear, rainy, haily, oh ya and we planted onions while it snowed.

March 27 - Nice mild day, mackerel sky most of the day.  Trilium in full bloom.  First year Lunaria annua is begining to bloom, older plants not yet budding.

The First Week of Spring brough rain and frost and sun and tee-shirts and the first of my red tulips.  The skunk cabbage leaves are begining to unfurl, one or two cattail shoots are above the water's surface, the frogs sing loud and uninteruppted.

The First of Spring:  The first day of spring (Sat.) was incredible sweat-producing summer like weather clear into late evening then the rain came, the second day was very spring like minus the hail but strong crazy rain.  Monday comes with blue skies, no frost and the trillium are doing its best to peak out of the calyx.

Week of March 14-19, Frogs trilling non stop, pear in full bloom, peach hyacinth blooming, apple tree buds begining to swell, lilac blooms showing color still very tight.

Week of March 8th - 12th,  Things continue to open in spite of a rush of cold earlier in the week, no damage to report everything looks good.  Hyacinths are almost all out with the white ones now blooming.  Big winds yesterday, 20x20 foot plastic on the gourd trellis hoop house took flight but all is well no great damage. Tete daffs are almost done.  Heavy rain tthis morning the 12th, no more of the predicted winds.

March 5th:  Morning temperatures @ 7 - 37.  Temp in hoop house 33, soil temp in onion flats 40, soil temp in mum pots 40.  Cold frame soil temp 37, no blanket over night.  Ambient air temp in prop house 55-56 soil temp off mat 55.  Clear sky.

March 4th:  Nice, partly cloudy day around 54 degrees. Daffodils are out all over the neighborhood but only my tete and just a few larger ones are open.  Deciduous honeysuckle is leafing out.

March 3rd:  Just nice here till noon when I left for Snohomish.  Up north and back down along the foothills the clouds were billowy masses against and occasional blue sky.  Onamental cherries were in full bloom all over the place.

March 2nd:  Started mild, drizzle, then downpour that finally sent me inside.  Raspberries are leafing out.

March 1st: Mild and Overcast all day. Large daffodils ready to open. Pink and blue hyacinth blooming.

February 28th:  Mild day in the mid to upper 50's lots of sun in between clouds.  Tree frogs are crazy loud.  Pear tree buds are swelling and taking on color, hyacinths are budding and ready to burst. Indian plum in full bloom.