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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Beaver Dam

Are you ready for the next chunk of the farm tour? Today I'll take you to the east side of the back forty where the beaver dam is. We need to do our annual release of the excessive height they put on during the intense spring rains. Dirt can't mow his lawn and some of my barn garden is flooded but the standing rain puddles are all dried up so we know that the excess water is because of those workaholic OCD beavers.

But first while I get my boots check out this scene I sat to this morning to take you on the tour! The window is kinda in the way isn't it. Hard for the camera to look past what we often are capable of over looking. Here, I'll step outside in front of the window...

There this is what I get to look out on every morning. Although earlier while I was fixing the photos up there was a light little morning fog dancing on the water top. I know, you don't have to say it, we are major blessed to live here, rent and all, totally blessed.

So this is the canal that links Big Pond, the one that is held by the beaver dam, and the one out our back window, the one we are looking at in the distance. During most of the summer the water level stays high enough that we canoe through the channels, it's fun and I won't deny that we, well at least I, pretend in my mind that I am up in some northern chain of lakes on a canoe trip

Standing on the same bridge but turned the other direction is the view of Big Pond, nearly the same view as last week, what a difference between rain and sun shine eh Dear Reader? not saying good or bad, like and need them both, just saying it's different.

Well now we're out here in the clearing, Dirt keeps trying to turn off the road too soon but I told him to turn at the big cottonwood. He sure is in a hurry. This is the first time he has come out to help with the beaver dam, for over twenty years I come out here just me and what ever of the girls want to join me, but make it a photo op for the blog and here he comes! Where is he any way?

Look at him way up there! Let spy on him you gotta see this!

Yup there he is, maddax over the shoulder and cheap beer in the hand! That's my Dirt!

Pretty scene when you pop out of the brush! Later this spring EBet or I will take you for a canoe ride under the snag and watch the birds clean out the nests.

So this is the pond side of the old dam, the one I came out and poked release holes in.

There, now you can see both sides. It has really grown over with grass and some bushes have taken hold in it too but it is under water in a lot of places because the beavers went down stream and higher.

Can you see the sticks under there? part of the old dam that served its purpose. You can see other dam remnants and the dens when you paddle around in the canoe.

Ah we made it to the other side of the dam, it was a little dicey in spots. Sure is pretty isn't it?

Dirt's getting impatient to start. So I'm going to hurry on over there to show you the cut out he makes. I can't believe he isn't waiting for you to see spot before he starts to whack away. Maybe his wanting to do it is because I'm usually never this late into mowing season before I do a little release and not for bloggy fame.

So this is the top of a beaver pond, fresh with mud and sticks due to all the recent rains. Beavers hate to hear rushing water.

But they'll hear a little today, well tonight really. The beaver wasn't always nocturnal, they became nocturnal when beaver pelts and felted beaver hats were all the rage. We see them every once in a while during the day because they seem to know they aren't really in any huge danger any more, especially here.
Most dam levels are controlled by putting a long pipe in the dam, long enough that the beavers can't get to either end to plug it up. but my method actually gives them something to do. Nothing like a little sky-is-falling feeling to keep everyone on their toes. Look how well all the doom and gloom scenarios work for people. Okay, I won't go all culture cranky today I'll leave it alone.

It's amazing though how fast and hard they work, this will be filled in before the sun rises again. I'd say tomorrow but really I would mean today. If we fast forwarded ourselves back to real time this would all be stopped up. I would have had you do a double back but I really have a lot to get to today around the house. We'll be out here again and I'll show you more of the details and how they patched our slice up.

Just a nice peaceful scene.

Now that we hustled out here with Dirt it's time to hustle back, too bad I didn't bring my inhaler with me, that wasn't very bright of me. Who knew it was for a zip and tromp today!

Hey look it is the first bloom of Rubus spectabilis, our native Salmon berry. And yes, in the summer we will have salmon berry shortcake!

This is the lower swampy area just before we cross the road to the big hay field that we saw last week.

And there it is, the bulk of the back forty from the east side looking west. There is plenty of holding room in this series of ponds to hold the water that we released.
It might run up on the lower parts of the road a little but it will go back down pretty quick.

When we turn around and look east we can see the mountain that was hiding so well last week.

It's really pretty with the grass in front. Well gotta get back to the farm and get some work done, those raspberries rarely finish tying themselves. You can stay here and relax if you like or skip a rock or two in the pond. If your dog came along you might find a stick to throw out for him.
Have a great rest of the day Dear Reader, I gotta get back to the farm and Monday morning. When you're done relaxing go take a tour of the rest of the world out there in bloggy land courtesy of God bless, good travels and have a great day!
Oh, and if you missed some of the other parts of the tour you can catch up over on the side bar under tours. See you again soon!


Anonymous said...

oh how i enjoyed your tour...beautiful photos of your home place there...just beautiful:)
thanks for sharing more of your world with us.
have a great evening.

SandyCarlson said...

Beaver ponds are amazing ecosystems. Beavers grace our landscape with bodies of water that eventually become fertile fields. They are amazing critters.

There is a pvc pipe system that you can install to regulate the water levels to solve the flooding problem!

Beautiful world. God bless.

Arija said...

A really great and scenic place you have with enough to do to keep you busy and out of mischief.

Me and my puppies said...

Wonderful scenic photos, so quite and peaceful. Big contast to the big city life.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a nice place to live. I love the pond area.

Anonymous said...

I loved the tour Lanny! What a pretty place and that mountain view is breathtaking. I look forward to the canoe trip - even though I can't swim - I feel pretty safe in GA!!!!!!!!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well that was pretty danged amazing lanny!

smiles, bee

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Wooooooooooooow!!! That was stunning! Which mountain is that Lanny? Y'all live in paradise as far as natural beauty. Thanks for sharing that. :o)

LindaSueBuhl said...

"Be kind to your fine feathered friends
For a duck may be somebody's mother
Be kind to your friends in the swamp
Where the weather is very, very damp [pronounced to rhyme with "swamp"]"
Beautiful greenness and majestic whiteness and skyness above - loverly tour Miz Dirt - thanks for sharing -

deedee said...


Marites said...

your place is really beautiful and it's really informative that you did this post. I never know that beavers can be really that active:) Amazing!

My world entry is up here

B Squared said...

You are really blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

Susie said...

I know I say it everytime I look at your world but I just can't help myself. Just gorgeous!!! Love the snow capped mountain and that picture of Dirt with the ax and beer can is too funny. He looked like a man with a mission in that picture.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh you live in a beautiful spot and such an interesting tour. The Beaver pond is an amazing thing to have on your land.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Thanks so much for such a interesting tour! I've never seen a beaver dam before. You are so lucky to live there, no wonder you talk to God while you're out working!

Gaelyn said...

Your world is a beautiful place. I'll bet it's fun to canoe on the ponds. Have you thought about putting a pipe in the dam?

I'm going to hang out for a while. Is that Rainer I see? Thanks for the excellent tour.

Maria Berg said...

What lovely scenery, the big pond/water and in the back the mountain.
I also saw the mad man with the ax....

My husband best film is The Princess Bride!
We have 3 dotters, they are 8, 6 and 3 years old so none are married...hhihii (joking).
Love to see the Rubus flower and the yellow Hyacinthus - haven't seen one before.

/Maria Berg

KathyB. said...

Wasn't today just beautiful? The mountain was visible in all it's glory! You know, there was a story in the news just recently where here in WA a whole community was wiped out in a flood caused by a beaver dam....those little buggers are pretty effective dammers!Dirt needs to be quick about the dam thing!( not cussing, being accurate? )

The Explorer said...

What a great place you have there!!! And I like the way you tell us the story. I can say that we are the witness of what had been happened..c",)

Tarolino said...

I ain't saying it then, just thinking it.
It just is a haven to live in. What more can a person ask for. the natural beauty is stunning. Wonderful ponds, beavers, space, a snow capped mountain, forest, beautiful flowers that turn to eadable berries. Paradise on earth.

bettyl said...

Goodness! Some of your pictures are absolutely fabulous. It looks like a serene place.

aurinkoinen blogi =) said...

thank you when you visit the home pages!and beautiful photos ;)

Denise said...

This is such a great post. Never heard of Salmon berries before - pretty photo - all of them are and they are great enlarged. Thanks, loved the tour.


You have a lot of great photos you could have posted on Watery Wednesday here! Lot of water, beautiful reflections - and beavers! Great combination!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tipper said...

Wow Wow Wow! Your scenery is just amazing. I'm so enjoying the tour of your farm-you know I may be enjoying these posts more than you want me too-I may show up on your doorstep one day : )

Daisy said...

Major blessed. MAJOR MAJOR blessed. :)

So beautiful, Lanny. I really enjoyed the tour.

Those beavers must get all in a tizzy when they see you heading for their dams though. "Oh no, here she comes again to poke more holes!!" HA! :D

Warren Baldwin said...

Dirt & Lanny,
Beautiful country! And an amazing series of photos of the beaver dam and the flowers. I used to live in Wyoming and now live on the prairie of West Kansas. I have pictures of both on my site ... I miss the mountains but am aware that God made both the mtns and the plains. They both reflect his beauty.

Anyway, I linked here from the "Wyoming" tag to try to meet some folks from up in that country. If you get a chance, please pop in on my site, Family Foutain. I try to have short articles on family-based themes. Sometimes I have pics or articles of my family, but generally something families in general.

Thanks for the photos and story, wb