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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hang Out Spots on the Farm

Hey there Dear Reader, glad you stopped in for another chunk of the Farm Tour, you've jumped through that usual portal and dialed back a day so join us for our celebration of moms on The Farm. My world isn't just the place where I live it is the people God has blessed me with to love and cherish. So join us won't you?
We're hanging out below Cherry Tree Hill today.

My baby grandboy, Aksel, with his Aunty Anna, my baby daughter.

Kai came with a homemade card for me, potato stamps on the front and inside I was told he loves me more than bubble gum. Would that be Bazooka Bubble Gum?
Dirt, Eric and Mike, sitting in one of our favorite sitting place around the Farm. Like everywhere else on the Farm down by the old cherry tree has changed over the years. The guys are sitting on the site of an old corrugated fiberglass greenhouse that finally fell apart and the lawn above Eric's head was the area I vegetable gardened when we first lived here.

That would be back when Stephie, my oldest, was younger than her son, Kai, whom she shares a snake with today. Out here by The Pond it is snake heaven.

The Pond is chock full of life and third oldest daughter, Elisabet aka EBet, is going out for a cruise around in the canoe.

And she is taking Kai with her.
She isn't living dangerously by not wearing a life jacket like Kai, but because this used to be a hay field before the beavers moved in in the sixties it isn't a very deep pond and in most places she could easily stand up.

One of the greatest purchases Dirt and I ever made was the canoe, Norrine has one just like it and we often borrow it in the summer for some canoe racing on The Pond.

Bet and Kai aren't being chased by an overgrown beaver, that is Fluffy Joe, he loves to troll along behind the canoe when someone takes it out. It does make it a little harder to sneak up on the wildlife when you are packing a bear behind you, but it seems to keep him in world class shape!

Clearly Aksel wants to stay in shape, he and Anna are entertaining each other on my newly discovered lawn art. Well the exercise ball was more artistic when both of them floated around the backyard before some girls, who were supposed to be working, decided to play soccer with one of them right into a rose bush. My house is too small for exercise equipment, even just big round sittable balls. So I tossed them onto Dirt's lovely mowed lawn. And wah lah, lawn art you can sit on. And the mower just pushes it out of the way.

Aunty Anna can't be tired because Baby Askel isn't, I think he is bargining quite well for some more fun.

It is a little early in the year for hanging out down here under the cherry tree, what looks like a clump of dry grass just behind Mike is actually The Pond fire pit but it is out in the water right now. Michelle, sitting here next to her dad, just said she felt as if her feet were below the level of the pond and actually, because of a ridge this side of the fire pit holding back the extra seasonal water, they are.
But inspite of the excess water and my lack of weeding down here this year (I'm waiting for the fall planted bulbs to die down so I can really do some regrouping and change a few things, imagine that, me changing something I've done!) I like being down here this time of the year for a few of my favorites are planted around the old cherry tree.

Viburnum burkwoodii is named for Albert Burkwood, the co-developer of the hybrid with Geoffrey Skipwith in early 20th century England. It smells super delicious.
Even on this rather threatening cool day I can smell it from five feet away, can you or is your nose still stuffy?
It is semi-evergreen so it looks rather odd with old fall colored leaves still hanging on it while it blooms. I bought it in the fall of o'four and while it was in the pot it had really brilliant fall color, but now that it has been in the ground for about three or four years it is exhibiting its semi-evergreen-ness and its fall color is rather disappointing but I am glad he is in the ground and thriving on Cherry Tree Hill.

Yesterday's talk on tulips was missing a little cutie, Tulipa batalinii 'Apricot Jewel' . She is one of the many fall planted bulbs that I chose to plant under the old cherry tree based on their natralizing habits.
Tulipa batalinii is a species tulip and although not very showy and rather short, six inches, it will be more likely to naturalize. It won't multiply as much as the narcissus or the muscari will but at least it will multiply some and it won't burn itself out. Or at least that is how the theory goes.

Aksel says that the occasional sprinkles have turned into rain drops and he is headed inside where it is warm and dry and the Mario Cart awaits his brother and Aunties. Luckily today's Farm Camp isn't too far from the back door, and we have gotten in with the chairs put away just in the nick of time.

If you can wrestle one of the controls away from those who are genetically predisposed to game addiction, have at it. Check out those dialated eye balls! She is getting the hang of it (Chelle grew up on the Farm during the total ban of all video and computer games).

Owp she is really on to the whole thing now...!!!

And she won! Hurray!
Hope you had a great time on this week tour of Vicktory Farm and Gardens, we didn't get very far that is for sure but it was just one of those days.
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Sylvia K said...

Wonderful photos! Looks like a really happy family gathering! A lovely look at 'Your World'!

SandyCarlson said...

Looks like lots of fun for everybody.

Anonymous said...

always enjoy a stroll around the farm. the photos were great. have a lovely evening.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing all the different areas of your yard/pond/gardens. Looks like a leisurely day to be with treasured family members and enjoy God's beauty. That little Apricot tulip is very pretty.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wonderful tour, well all except for the snake that is! ha ha

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

I had a great time reading your post and seeing all your pretty photos of your family.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Those are indeed such wonderful photos! You have a great looking family there gal. The farm is looking good too.

Hey, when are we going to get to see the lovely and gracious Lanny?? Hmmmm?? [giggle]

Guy D said...

Excellent post and pictures, looks like a great day.

Have a great week
Regina In Pictures

Mary Elizabeth said...

Great family photos!
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Carol............. said...

Thanks for sharing your special photos! As usual your photographs are great.....

Arija said...

Great to see you all enjoying yourselves. You obviously had a bang up Mothers Day!

Pam said...

It looks like you all had relaxing and fun time.

Lawstude said...

i enjoy this post. your personality is soooo vibrant. thanks for sharing.

hip chick said...

I love the smell of viburnam. It looks like life is pretty sweet in your world

Karen said...

What a beautiful day, great pics of your family!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Every evidence of a splendid day - your family just glows and the information about what is planted and/or growing around the your place is fascinating to me.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Hello Dear Writer,
This is such a great post. I love days like this when you can sit around and visit with the family. Oh, and to be loved more than bubble gum!... Wow, that's pretty special!

Anonymous said...

These are just beautiful, thoroughly enjoyed this collection of pictures and the commentary.

CJ xx

Reader Wil said...

Thanks for the guided tour around your farm. It was really lovely! You have a nice and lovely family! Have a great week!

Flower said...

It's always fun to see the families that belong to the blogs! Thanks for the tour! Love the and cherry blossoms!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Oh Lanny, everything looks so green and inviting! What a happy bunch to be around! You are truly blessed! blessings,Kathleen

A. Joy said...

So I'm reaching through the portal to say a big hello to Stephanie!!! I love seeing pics of the whole gang out at your place. Aksel is still cute as a button and what a woderful card from Little Dirt... I mean Kai! Just like the guys to sit around on Mother's Day but way to go on getting out there before the skeeters start gearing up for the summer!!!

Daisy said...

Loved the tour as always, Lanny. You have such a wonderful home and wonderful family to share it with.

I do have to add though,

"Beavers and snakes and bears, oh my!!" said in my best Wizard of Oz sing song voice. ;)

Hope you have a great day!

A Grace said...

Aksel is really cute in the life jacket.

Tipper said...

Loved the tour-as always. Such a beautiful place you live in-along with beautiful people!

I love the tulips in the previous post-so pretty.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Thanks for the stroll, I really enjoyed it..well I could have done without the snake..but your photographs are beautiful, what a wonderful place you live:)