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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ding, Ding, Ding, Right Answer!

Yes, my Dear LindaSue, it is as you say, "sorta like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood saying 'can you say fish?'" (referring to a comment she made on my latest entry into my journal, Can You Say... .)

At the same time you have exposed me as a ginormous Mr. Rogers fan.

I would run home from high school, as fast as I could in wood platform shoes, sizzler dress, and panty hose to sit and watch Mr. Rogers. It was an hour of wonderfulness, calm, fuzzy, personal, warm, innocence, that I no longer had.

All this could be very confusing Dear Reader, but when are my entries in my journal not so?

The memory that Linda Sue brings up actually goes with why I pronounced someone, declared the presence of, a Jack Rump.

I personally, aside from my husband, was no stranger to the need for purity in our lives and to instill it in our children. Our job, not only as parents, but merely as a member of the Body of Christ, is to remember and attend to Christ's very own words: Jesus said to his disciples: "Things that cause people to sin are bound to come, but woe to that person through whom they come. It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. So watch yourselves."

This call by Jesus Christ to attend to not allowing sin to slip by you and grab hold of the "little" ones in your life applies to all those in our lives especially those he has entrusted to us.

So no one need come here and give me pseudo help, which was mostly an attempt to promote his own web site that spews anti-whatever could be good and reinforces selfish pleasure and rebellion against God.

Help Help with what? Did anti-man, boy whatever, bother to read enough to gather that I have two daughters, well adjusted, that are married and having children and leading very good godly lives? Did he miss here A Little More... , that this was history and did he think our searching was a present situation? Gee, thanks for reading my blog. I know my journal entries can oft be long, rambly, and tedious to work through, and I don't expect my Dear Readers to read and absorb every word. But then I would expect them to breeze through get the gist of why I mentioned a particular author and a particular book, recommend his site that refutes it and then say hope that helps.

Not saying that Dirt and I have it all figured out at this point. And we certainly did not stop at the first book (I am not mentioning the book as it seems to trigger his anti antenna) we read on the subject, besides the Bible (except that it really took this particular book to open us up to see that while the Bible doesn't talk much about dating it sure as heck has a lot to say about purity, sexual and other wise.)

But this Jack Rump has no interest in my girls or your girls or your young men for that matter or what I am actually saying. He has issues, he would like to live his life unhindered by guilt while taking advantage of situations and people for the purpose of gaining personal pleasure and not giving account for his actions.

Don't worry Sparky, I didn't delete him or if I put comment moderation back on, is it because some one was mean to me. Mean I can handle. Its stupid that I have a harder time with. That and assuming I am so gullible that I don't see what he was really doing.

I have smart Dear Readers, smarter that me for sure, my spell check and grammar filter is constantly on, I never leave home or the bathroom without it (the one room I don't write in, arencha glad to know that). And if my Dear Readers wonder about something I say or something I cite from a book, they can search the web and find and read for themselves articles on said book or author. They don't need Jack Rump and his magic search tool helping them find his enlightened writings on why the author was so off base.

Especially for the particular book in question, there are scads of rebuttal books and articles. It was at one time, when my now twenty-seven year old daughter was thirteen, a very popular book, you don't rise to that much popularity without collecting some crabby folks on the way.

Quite frankly as I myself begin to write more on this subject of purity and God and marriage, I will in fact write a review of some books and philosophies, held by Christians and some major Christian movements, that I take exception to. But I will be sure to tell you what it is exactly that Dirt and I and our close brothers and sisters find to be in error in the writings and philosophies. With a boat load of scripture. It won't be a mealy mouthful of self centered desire to indulge in physical pleasure that we all know feels good (that is the draw after all and the temptation) and the whole pleasure thing, which we also know sets up a big fat ugly entry for sin or is itself sin.

So, Dear Reader, by all means if I mention a concept or a book or a notable author, look em up. Look up the obscure authors too, you might not find anything but try away. But mostly Dear Reader, if Dirt and I say anything in our writings and tellings, I beg you not to swallow it whole, but to put it under the lamp of the word, see if it is right.

And please do not fret, if you disagree with me in your comments I won't erase them if I see that your motives are pure, his were not. But if you disagree with Dirt and I we may feel the need to counter your disagreement. And we may also largely ignore it and let the other Dear Readers figure it out. Or if your words point out an error, then we will certainly concede.

But if you say I said or implied something make sure I did, because I do not like my words being whipped around and read with prejudice. I will most likely restate what it was exactly that Dirt or I said. And we will be friends during the discussion and afterward.

That's all I got tonight for you Dear Reader. Our little gathering was added to by someone that we don't get to see much of lately and that was sweet. The food was awesome! The smoked salmon and pasta, wow, thanks Patty MorMor and Rick. The fresh green beans and cherry pie was delish, thanks my little Bettikins. And Anne, way to go on your first herb yeast bread (I knew you could do it, it is in your genes and the graft). The rest of you slackers (that would include me tonight) step it up next time.

After the wonderful meal and some light hearted-ness at the table, we meandered into the living room and mused about what first century gatherings of the body might have looked like from meeting to meeting, the different types and the different reasons, all of course for the one reason of giving glory to God.

And when we were all talked out, we came together in unity to pray for marriages, the ones we see in grave danger all around us, the ones that are in despair and the ripples it causes. We prayed for the church that she begin to regain her understanding of such a mighty relationship that God uses it many times to bring us to understand our relationship to Him and He to us.

I suppose we forgot to pray for the marriages that seem to be okay. Perhaps I'll go do that now. See you in a little while, with some garden news or silly farm story or maybe I'll tell you more of that young lady who ran home to watch Mr. Rogers when she was in high school, and were she came to in the care and feeding of her own children's souls, with the patient and understanding guide of her husband but most of all her Lord and Saviour.


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Gosh, that was good. I wish I had your writing skills. I gotta read the old comments to see what's going on. I know you'd never delete except for displays of bad language / behaviour. Sorry I haven't been paying close attention. Our family is having a mini-crisis, like all family's have: sickness, strife, etc. Prayers are appreciated. We'll pray for your's too. God bless pal. Holler if you need me! :)

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm so pleasantly surprised I figured out anything this week - to quote Groucho Marx " if this is so simple a 5 year old can do it - go get me a 5 year old right now!" or something to that effect - sounds as if the world has issues with how people raise their children and being responsible for their children. Just saw on TV there is an actual job which pays $100/Hour called a Parenting Coach - you teach a parent to communicate spefically and appropiately with their children to improve their interaction. Say WHAT? - DH and I had the discussion - our generation (we are in our 60's) has had and badly raised our children who are now having children and haven't a clue as to appropriate parenting behavior - so they have to go hire someone - ::::sigh:::::
anyhow - glad you were a fan of Mr. Rogers - his neighborhood was my inspiration to get a fish tank! (years ago) ((many many many years ago) -

Anonymous said...

Speaking of spell check, there is a good program Spell Check Anywhere (SpellCheckAnywhere.Net) it adds spell check to all programs.

Lanny said...

Oh come on!