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Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Daughters Crack Me Up

The other day our youngest Vick Chick, Anna Banana, Peanut Butter, maker of phenomenal pies, bread, dinners and more, all from scratch, was going to make the dinner of her daddy's fond desire, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. She does the best grilled cheese of anyone I know, it is an art form. That night the sandwiches were wonderful as usual, the tater tots baked to perfection. But the soup? It was a bit strong tasting.

"Anna," I say to her, "What did you do to the soup?"

"I don't know! It's awful isn't it? I even added a little cream to it, and it is still awful."

"What kind of soup did your daddy bring home?" I inquire, knowing that she has on occasion used the store bought tomato soup out of those cool hermetically sealed boxes, but the can she was unfamiliar with.

"It was that nasty canned stuff. I had to use three cans" She says.

"Did you add a whole can of milk for every can of soup?"

"No." She replied indignantly, "It didn't say to."

Knowing that this is also my incredibly impatient child, at times over the top impatient, I asked to see said can because in her favor it may not have been the can I thought it was.

It was.

Give the girl a sack of flour and a couple of apples and she turns out a beautiful pie or with a little yeast a nice crusty loaf of bread, give her a bag of peas and some quick instructions while you work in the garden and she has a lovely hearty soup waiting for when you're done, but she has no time for a stupid can of tomato soup.

Then there is Bettispaghettie, Betti-kins

Betti-kins aka Elisabeth (not pronounced like Elizabeth) is my oldest at home girl.

Sometimes her humor surprises the heck outta me because she is so dog gone quiet most of the time. But her father is rubbing off on her more and more and she is beginning to make up songs about whatever she sees or is doing at the moment.

The other day while she was suggesting to her little (nearly taller than her) sister that the dogs needed tending she came up with this song and it soon became the anthem for the weekend. It is sung with a little western twisted tune (where'd she come up being such a western music person I'm not totally sure but in my need to place blame I might look in a hedgerow somewhere).

Give the dogs food and water,

It will change your life.

Never let your mother or your daughter,

hate your wife.

Now I don't care who you are, but that is downright funny to hear being sung by a gaggle of girls in the back seat of a big fat Ford 350 diesel dually going to the feed store to buy some hay and chicks.

But then if you think about it no truer words were sung. It isn't good for a man to allow his mom or his daughter to have ill feelings towards the woman he is married to.

I think we forget what that word married means. In cooking you can put a stew together hastily and bring it up to a hot and steamy temperature with some quick heat but you will be able to taste the full flavor of the individual ingredients if eaten separately. However, if you take the time to marry the flavors then you could never again completely separate out the different components as if they were separate foods on a plate. They are married, now one, inseparable. The meat essence has oozed from the bits and melded into the softened carrot chunks and the carrot fragrance has infected the potato, nothing can be separated from the other, not completely.

With stew it takes time, but through the miracle that God has created in human marriage it only takes a moment, a moment of a vow, an acknowledgement and the two are one, never again completely separable.

It doesn't take years of dating, a lengthy engagement or a big wedding, it only takes what the community accepts as an understanding of marriage and it is done, forever. One shot. You are married for the length of your life. You cannot get the other out of your skin, children or no children. They, the children, are not how you become one. God proclaims the married as one, not two living together until the children come; they are in fact one, one right now and one forever.

If the mother hates her child's spouse, she hates her very own child, for now the two, her child and another, are one flesh and always will be. The idea of a mother hating her child isn't healthy; for a mother to hate her child's spouse is to hate her child and that is crippling to a mother.

So the husband in Bet's song can't allow that to happen not just because he loves his wife but because he loves his mother and if his mother hates his wife, she hates him and if she hates him she does damage to that thing inside her that is a mother. She would be denying what she was created for, motherness.

When Jesus takes the thou shalt not murder thing to a whole other level with His Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5) he showed how our ill thoughts and words towards another is right in there with murder. Solomon, the wisest man, knew that a mother could never murder her own child without causing herself chaos and degradation. Connect the two.

Somewhat similarly, a daughter cannot be allowed to hate her mother for it will do her damage and her father cannot let that happen for it is the father's job to keep his daughter from harming herself. To hate her mother would do just that, harm the daughter. She came from this woman, she cannot stand in the kitchen with her hands on her hips, level her face to her mother's and scream her hatred for her without causing untold damage to herself. She hates her mother? She may as well hate herself. And as we know from Jesus' lesson to hate is to murder. Self-hatred is suicide. Self-hatred by the way is not the same as self-denial or self-control or selflessness, not in the least.

Need some more dots to connect? Commandment five says, honor your father and mother. In Ephesians it is pointed out as the first commandment with a promise. The promise is for a good and long life; “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”

The promise is not just a cookie that God gives for being good but a natural consequence in God's magnificent creation. And we know that a certain amount of time isn't really that same amount of time in God's perspective. Even in our own minds time can change; a good time, a happy and joy filled time is as productive, worthwhile and seemingly long even if it is shorter in actuality than a miserable retched time where regrets and disappointments live at the end.

If you hate yourself by hating whom you came from, who's DNA you have making your hair curly or your eyes green, then you are not going to live a good long life; it will be short and miserable even if you live to ninety-six.

So it may very well have been a silly spur of the moment Bettikins song but it is very, very true.


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

So very true, Lanny. Good way to put it! I have never thought of marriage in the same thought as stew... ha ha
But it makes sense!

KathyB. said...

Marriage and stew, hmmm....a very good analogy. Sometimes a bad stew is a blending of ingredients that don't work, but as you stated, you cannot again separate them. The stew has stewed, it is blended irrevocably , as a marriage. If someone leaves a marriage, children or no, there is always the blending that remains...til death.I am so thankful God is in control and He is the Help and Comfort for all those who seek Him when their marriage, or life goes off the tracks, and He will see them ( me? ) home.

Wiregrass Steve said...

Excellent post! Marriage is the bedrock of civilization and for this reason is worth working hard at. Our social ills of today are caused by the breakdown in marriage and family life.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I too like the analogy of marriage and stew. Not being a parent, I have great sympathy for those who are and must learn to like or love the mate your children chose. I've never had to do that and never will. It must be difficult to do sometimes.

My MIL hates me for the simple fact I married her son. I take 'comfort' in knowing that she would have hated anyone who married him and found fault therein. I've been kind to her erregardless but to no avail. We've had to completely cut her out of our lives, though, because she wants only to cause chaos and grief. We still pray for her but I doubt there will ever be any change. Some people just enjoy being evil.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

your daughter is a delight!

smiles, bee

Funky Junk Sisters said...

Lanny, it is a small world isn't it. The kindergarden teacher you are talking about must be Mrs. Manley and yes I am related to Steve Albers, he is my brother in law. Steve does own the bldg by the Tacoma Mall. I enjoy reading your blog!

Funky Junk Sister #2

Susie said...

I think your daughters are wonderful Lanny! You've done such a great job raising them.

Karen said...

It sounds like your family has a lot of fun together. Great post.

Sand Flat Farm said...

Lanny - I like the Marriage/Stew analogy! After 31 years of marriage I totally agree with you. You can't undo what's been done. It's been a learning process since day 1, and we're still learning. It makes us feel very wise sometimes when watching this younger generation coming up and seeing and hearing all the malarchy they believe.

Your daughters must be alot of fun!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Well written and well put! Just loved your words. blessings,Kathleen

Tipper said...

Very well written Lanny!! I can give you an AMEN for it too. Amazing the little lessons that can be found in our everyday lives. One of my girls has the knack for coming up with nonsense songs too-while hers are funny-so far I've not found any grains of wisdom in them :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Interesting post today, a stew.. I have two son in laws, one whom I adore! One with whom I struggle with all the time, he is a challenge, and I have no idea how my daughter puts up with his shenagians..but she does. I must try harder to accept him as he is, faults and all..I don't think he actually meant the love, honor and cherish part, because it never shows:(

Ted M. Gossard said...

Very good. And great point(s) about marriage and it significance.

(This sounds like you talking. Did you read my post on silence? And L.L. Barkat, even got me to write a poem in the comments. The last lines in it does remind me of you, I think!) ha

Daisy said...

Your daughters sound like a delight to have around. I like Elisabeth's song and your marriage stew analogy. Nice post, Lanny.

Shellmo said...

I love the comparison with marriage and stew - gives one food for thought so to speak! I'm also now even more thankful that I have a MIL that likes me!

Cliff said...

Yes the benefits of a long successful marriage are countless. Good post.

ethel said...

it was our 12th anniversary the date you posted this "stew" post..thanks! your mind is fun to follow! enjoyable post and thanks for the "food" for thought! i followed it and i agree! what about adopted kids? just came to me...i know it's the same but sometimes i feel bad for kids that have been adopted..sometimes they have a burden of having to "forgive" their biological parents for giving them up so to speak...anyway, i'm not adopted so i don't really understand the psychology of all of that. thanks!

Ralph said...

Well, you made laugh but you are so right grilled cheese sandwiches are an art form. Our daughter still says her Granddad was the only one who could have a grill cheese sandwich the right way.

Tattie Weasle said...

The thing both Dear Charlie and I remember about our marriage - and it was a bit of a do - was the time we said our vows. It was like we were the only people in the world even though the church itself was packed. He says we are like swans forever 10 years on I'll tell him actually we are like a very good stew!

RainGardener said...

Lanny, your girls sound like they are a real hoot! And talented too. I knew that they did baking and such though from reading earlier posts. It must be nice!
My daughter might be a bit of a pain in the bumper but she does have a great personality and sense of humor.
I'm trying to get around a little bit again. With gardening going on I just don't have the talent to post, visit and garden! But I'm working on it!!! ;-)

Carol............. said...

I love the mariage/stew comparison...

(Yes, revamping the pasture is a big job but Dirt can handle it!!! LOL)

fishing guy said...

Lanny: A neat story and a lesson to learn about taking your time to do it right.