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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bluest, I Tell Ya

Scroll and read while listening, it'll kill two birds.

Perry's got it right

But I'm not so sure about my weather gadget on my computer. Because this is what it showed when I came in on Friday morning at about ten-thirty after Bet and I could no longer stand the heat in the Highway Garden. So I went back out to see if perhaps we were in a dream and the computer had it right.

I stepped out the Cook's Porch door and looked to the east, mmmm no clouds there.

I looked to the north east, no clouds there either. So certainly there could be no drizzle.

North and a little west, down our driveway, no clouds there. The trees are in the way of a clear northwesterly look ...

but west out over the barn and pasture sort of towards Roy and there aren't any signs of clouds at all let alone drizzling clouds.

Over the roof of our room and to the southeast, and still no clouds, not even any on their way.

Not even if they were coming straight out of the south and right over the top of the house. No clouds, no drizzle. I think the sprinkler must be on at the weather station.

Here's some more blue. Blue that makes my heart sing. The blue of my curly headed baby's eyes, my baby that turned eighteen at the beginning of this month!

Before her little sister came along we called Bet Baby instead of Elisabet. No one pronounced her name right any way (well most don't) and Baby was way easier.

Man, eighteen years go by fast!

That morning, Friday, EBet was out working Ivan like she promised herself. (Go visit to hear her tell of her Ivan woes.) Well at least someone in this family can keep promises. She must be her father's daughter, blue eyes, red curly hair, sweet tempered, promise keeping, yep clearly I was just the hatching box!

Did you know why she kind of goes by EBet, among her many other names? When she signs her name the E and the B form a butterfly! She is also known as Bettie Spaghetti, Spaghetti-O's, and once in a blue moon, Freddy the Freeloader.

She is very sweet and works very hard for the Farm. She makes me think of Beatrix Potter, an updated version, when she is out tending her little duck flocks. You should ask her why she thinks the Dutchhookbill have been misnamed! But she can be a little Annie Oakley when she is dealing with Ivan or Martin the Warrior.

A girl of many hats but one character, true.


KathyB. said...

Happy birthday Baby! I do remember when we called you Baby until way after your sister Anna was born, then we HAD to start calling you by your given name cuz you weren't the baby anymore.But you are still Baby in our hearts.

Yup, the bluest skies and eyes are here in Roy, praise God!

Mildred said...

Happy belated Birthday Ebet! I remember that Perry Como song. Your blue skies and Ebet's eyes are so blue and beautiful. I love the photo of her with her ducks.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

I'm thinking the weather man was WRONG!!! Beautiful blue skies and beautiful blue eyes on your girl!!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Happy Birthday Baby Blue! You have beautiful eyes. May your life always be filled with joy, good health and prosperity. God bless.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy belated birthday Ebet!
Lanny she is beautiful, and I love the photo of her with the ducks. Lots of blue there, but sun shiny beautiful blue!! :)

Daisy said...

Wow, those are the bluest skies and the bluest eyes I think I've ever seen. Both very beautiful!

Happy belated birthday to Ebet! Hope her day was special. :D