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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fly Me to The Moon

Two weeks ago I came up with a great idea to have a party for the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing! Man, two weeks goes by fast!

Having not realized that days were actually passing, I got to Saturday and said, "Aw Sacagewea."

I was going to have homemade moon pies for desert and Tang. I thought it would be fun to put dinner in little bags that everyone would have to suck their meal out of. Remember? The big thing was that when we grew up (I was ten at the time) we would be eating food out of tubes every day like the astronauts, and riding in things that looked a lot like a few of the new cars that I would never be caught dead in, well maybe if someone gave me one I might use it.

Dirt has promised to save a little of my day and buy me some marshmallow creme so I can make homemade moon pies and I hope he can find Tang in the store. Do they even make the stuff anymore? Even though I forgot to send out invitations so all my friends could be here and enjoy my silly idea, I still get to celebrate what was a great moment in history for me, for all of us I'm sure.

I was ten years old and the future was huge. My family went camping during the time the brave men were headed to the moon and my dad, not willing to miss such a great occasion, took along a little tv. The place we went to actually had electrical hook ups and we got reception! (I can't get my cell phone to work so well when we go camping)

That night around the campfire I heard so many stories, of how far we had come and how far we were going. The special treat, my grandmother was along on the trip with us and she really had some perspective on how far we had come.

While I make my moon pies tomorrow I'll see if I have any pictures of my grandma I can put up for you. She was a little girl living in a Soddy in South Dakota before her family made it to the Okanogan area. Her husband, my grandfather on my dad's side, drove the Nighthawk stage coach between Washington and Canada. Some sixty, fifty years later, next to the campfire that night, she could see her grandchildren living and traveling in outer space. She was excited for us. Hey Grandma, maybe in ten, twenty more years or so, who knows, time goes by fast and technology seems to go even faster.

Really, we have come far, maybe not as far as we thought, no dinner out of plastic tubes, no walking the dog in a spacesuit, but in some cases we have come farther than our imaginations took us back in nineteen sixty nine.

Hey, if you still feel like celebrating later on I'm sure the tang comes in a large can, we won't drink it all tomorrow, and moon pies are quick to whip out. I'd be more than happy to put the garden tools down if you want to stop by for a belated moon landing party this summer. Maybe we could watch Blast From the Past or something like that.

By the way did you know that Buzz Aldrin took communion on the moon? That would be so cool. How close did he feel to God at the moment eh?


KathyB. said...

I did not know Buzz Aldrin took communion on the moon! Elaborate please, inquiring minds want to know!

I was living in Alexandria , Virginia at the time of the first moon landing and have the front page of the newspaper, from Washington D.C. of all places, in my scrap book. I followed the moon landing in the news, faithfully ,and was so impressed with what we as humans and Americans had accomplished.

Glad we are not eating and drinking our nourishment out of tubes though, that would NOT be an improvement for mankind by my way of thinking!

Anonymous said...

Karen was a summer missionary in MI that summer and my parents and I drove from GA to see her. I was nine/ten. She had a little tv in her bedroom and we all crowded around to watch. I remember how skeptical my grandparents were about the whole moon experience!

Shellmo said...

I love that idea of having a moon party! And its been too long since I've had a moon pie - I can't wait to see what yours look like! Will you be sharing the recipe? Hint, hint!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you can MAKE a moon pie??? you are amazing. i thought you HAD to buy the little round delights! in the south an rc and a moon pie was "it" on a stick!

smiles, bee

Tipper said...

I like your idea for a moon party. And the moom pies sound soooo yummy-but you can keep the tang : )

LindaSueBuhl said...

tang is definitely still out there and homemade moon pies sound a little like blasphemy (but probably so much tastier I'd forswear all others after yours) there are banana moon pies too.
I was married and living in Ft. Collins Colorado - spouse at the time was a grad student and projectionist at the drive in movie theater where we lived (in a little house at the back of the lot) - we stood in the front yard and I cried about real men walking on the moon - my Dad was there too and he hated it that he wasn't one of the men going to the moon - his "right stuff" was too old!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I was a little over 12 years old when man first walked on the moon. That seems like a hundred years ago now. [sigh] I'm glad to be here now and not there. They were not happy days, so, I don't dwell on them much. :o)

Susie said...

Your party idea sounded like lots of fun Lanny. So, did Dirt find any Tang? I haven't seen it in years myself.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What a fun and wonderful idea to celebrate! Hope it turns out great! blessings,Kathleen

Flower said...

Thanks for the bit of information! How cool would it be to take communion on the moon!

Jennifer said...

A moon party, what a neat idea! Loved this interesting post!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I was seventeen and at work, and out living on my own. I was glued to the news, it was awesome. What a great idea to have a moon party! You are just so clever Lanny..
"Aw Sacagewea." LOL.. I love it and visiting are always an inspiration:)

Kanani said...

Taking the Holy Eucharist on the moon would be ultra cool. I just wish he had taken along two little old ladies to bring out the wine!

Hey, I want photos of these MoonPies! The party sounded like a blast. Now, pictures please!

Daisy said...

A moon pies and Tang party sounds like great fun, Lanny. I remember we used to be able to buy what they called space food sticks too. HA!