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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Never Say...


Isn't that how that goes?

Man I'm glad I've had folks tell me that.

My cousin stopped by today and I sure as shoot am glad all my, well most all, my friends have told me that saying over the years. 'Cuz I thought for sure I'd have to send him and his friend packin' when they showed up with a gorgeous F 450 for me. It's even 1960's forest ranger green! They did an awesome custom paint job on it.

Yep, for me.

I was a little shook, 'cuz the whole deal brought back memories, knowin' my cousins like I do. Back in the day I was into petty theft, shopliftin' and jackin' stuff from other folks' houses and yards. I always figured I was headed to bigger stuff. Along with the drugs I was takin', I knew either I'd get too stupid to do it or I'd have to stop before I got caught.

But then I got convicted. No, not in court and thrown in the pokey. I got a conviction in my mind and heart. I wasn't gonna steal from others anymore, even those corporate oppressors. I was only going to have and enjoy those things that I could afford.

I've been doin' pretty good these many years since. I can even go back and give the idjit clerk the extra money she gives me. Or point out that I was buyin' five candles not four and did she want to charge me for that extry one?

So I was pretty convinced that in this area of conviction, I could say, "never."

But man that truck is durn pretty and it will haul lots o' stuff. Even I, will feel safe drivin' over passes to go get Bettikins her Large Black pigs and haul 'em on home in this sweet baby of a truck.

So even though I know how my cousin "gets" autos, I am sayin' "never say never man" 'cause you never know what will cross your path and cause you to be changin' your mind on some of those silly convictions.

Yeah, don't be tellin' me about that commandment that says don't steal. I didn't kill anyone, or even a whole nation and take their land. Heck, talk about theft. The way I read those stories, if you got a righteous enough reason for doin' what normally you ain't supposed ta do, then by golly go for it.

And shoot fire! when I'm lookin' at that truck and thinkin' of all the things I can do with that baby to get this farmin' thing really off the ground and start ministerin' to a bunch of folks that wanta eat good food and come spend a day meditatin' on the Word, then boy howdy it is easy.

And my cousin was tellin' me that he has a line on a couple of places he can pick up a tractor and some impliments. That is sweet! That will so totally polish off the deal. We can really get moving with that set up. I thought we were gonna have to deal with broken down stuff for a long time, limpin' along and never really be gettin' any wheres.

And man it was sweet talkin' with my cuz about our vision of ministerin' to folks through our farm and I was able to talk to him about the gospel and all that, and how I am a new person every day because of it. Man, he was blubberin' and said he so totally understood.

But don't worry folks, he won't be a hard nosed on fire new convert out there buggin' you cuz I remembered to tell him, "no matter how strong your convictions are, never say never." And don't forget to bring me those tractors.


Tattie Weasle said...

Saying never means you miss out on so many things, it puts you in a corner. It's a good thing to remember!

Cliff said...

Maybe you could drop a tree on your cousin and get the truck. Accidently of course.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lanny: That was such a cute story and I'm glad you never say never again.