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Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Quick Thought, Honest

I really must plant garlic today and get started putting tender flowers in their winter hibernation, so I will have to make this quick and leave my big fat long convoluted discussions with you, Dear Reader, for another time, like when I'm caught up to at least last month's to-do list.

Can we, followers of Christ, really expect extraodinary lives, while relying on ordinary mind sets?

If we feel the nudge, from the Holy Spirit, to take a solid stand (stick with a Spirit-led conviction), to walk a narrow untrodden, or nearly so, path (be really weird looking to just about everybody including "church" folks), but then we allow fear of man, fear of loss, or pain and or challenge to grip us, causing us to turn to decisions made through rationalization, deciding that the best route is the one most folks travel without question, without deep inquiry, the route of least resistance, the route of blending in or looking cool, the route of making sure we are happy and comfortable and receiving what we deserve, what then, Dear Reader, are we to expect that our earthly side of abundant life is going to look like?

Please read this several times, if you wish. Ponder it for days even, before you pen (type) a retort or amen. And if you are inclined to comment, please just let me have your comment before you read others. Have a conversation with me.


Darla said...

This needs some digesting here. Operating in fear is so Satan's work.....Peace is from the Lord and that's what I strive to attain before any decisions are is a struggle..

Carol............. said...

I like your sidebar Re: the Bible verses.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Lanny, I have been pondering this for days, as you suggested.
I believe that the Holy Spirit will guide your words and actions, sometimes my personality takes this guidance a bit far down the untrodden, narrow path.. I am not perfect and it is a good thing that God looks at me through his Son..Jesus.

I do not expect an extraordinary life just because I am a Christian. I do expect my faith to comfort me in sad times and to multiply in happy times. My reward is waiting for me in heaven...that is the only thing I know that I can count on in this life..:)