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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Road Trip Results in Good Food and Work! Or, Part Two

(This is way past due, thanks for your patience, more parts will come out soon I hope)

So I found a set of French doors for my new closet on Craig's List, but they were all the way in Raymond. In the long run, even though it is a two and a half hour drive from Vicktory Farm and Gardens, it was going to be an easy do because we were expecting to go to the ocean to clam dig on the weekend (anniversary get away with the girls November 6-8th). But then a storm blew in and ruined our clam dig plans.

The weather wasn't bad enough to keep us, the girls and I, from being daring and driving to Raymond for the doors. Luckily for us Raymond is far enough away from those who would like silly old French doors and no one else was big girl enough to go get them so we were the lucky winners of the race to the French doors. (That's how getting things off of Craig's List always makes me feel, like a race)

The man with the doors was nice yet efficient and so it seemed only appropriate that we should waste more time than the five minutes it took to load the doors, pay the man and drive back to the main road. So the girls and I drove farther west on into South Bend to find some oysters. From a previous ocean trip we found that Raymond, the town that sits on the east end of Willapa Bay is not the place to find oysters. Willapa Bay is famous for their oysters but clearly you have to drive around the end of the bay and west to South Bend to get them.

What do girls on a road trip do when they see this sign? Become customers of course.

And it was a great cup of clam chowder, and a nice restroom too.

Because of the great cooker out front we struck up a great conversation with the owner, manager, waiter about his wonderful cooker and his famous smoked oysters (that we were too early in the day to enjoy).

So if ever you are in South Bend, Washington and the smell of yummy smoke fills your olfactory senses, pull in here, and hopefully they will have enough to serve you, because sometimes they run out before they run out of customers. And even if you don't care all that much for oysters, the man with the cooker also does many other things in his smoker/cooker.

The box like thing here on the end with the red barrel up against it is the smoker part.
This is the cooker part. While we were there he tossed something that could have been a large roast into the cooker part. Home we go with our French doors and further inspiration for the "Tavern" and a target place to dine.
And here they are, The Doors, not yet sanded or painted, well for me anyway, trust me they have plenty of paint on them. Oh wait I didn't tell you how I got the walls painted up did I. Last I left you there was old paper being peeled off of walls and a window stuck in the wall.
The texture came from plaster of Paris, which dries way to quickly for me. Next time I will search out the stuff we used in the dining room which dried slower and allowed more working. But the walls are what they are, all random textured and ready for paint. I put down a base coat of a rather celery-ish green made from a lovely yellow and a very green green (all paint in the Vicktory Farm and Gardens buildings is pretty much mis-mix exclusively). It is the square in the bottom left of the picture above. The mottled green was achieved with my "car wash mitt" technique.
For the mottled green I mixed up three greens and "painted" a car wash mitt with the three greens and a soft butter yellow. The green in the upper right and lower left are actually the same green and the most prominent in the room.
After I "paint" the colors on the mitt I daub the mitt on the undercoat, then I flip the mitt over to the "dry" side and blotter the colors all together.
More later. But for now, I am off to Jury Duty because this really isn't November seventh (when I started this post) but November thirtieth. Stay safe today Dear Reader, you are important to others. As usual lots has been going on not to mention Thanksgiving, first Sunday of Advent and the rest of this last month. I have been very wrong in not writing, for now I have a ton to ketchup on. But that is the way of my world, you know that don't you Dear Reader?


Mildred said...

Missed you bunches! Love the colors and the French doors. Can't wait to see more!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Yes indeed - you have a fryer basket fulla fries worth of ketchup to do! Nifty post though - I do well to get paint on all walls and ceiling and not floors - so we don't do no fancy techniques - very pretty colors. Enjoy jury duty - an oxymoron in itself!

Daisy said...

Lanny, sounds like you had a good trip. Hope you enjoyed the clam chowder! :D Interesting painting technique you have there. I'm not at all skilled in painting. I'd just as soon have someone besides me do that. I can do wallpaper OK, but paint I have no patience for.

Far Side of Fifty said... started this post on the seventh and finished it up on the 30th..Lanny only you could do that effectively. I was getting worried about you:)