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Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Stuff

In case you didn't notice, this is actually this date. Earlier today I posted an old draft, one I had started on November seventh. Had to laugh, saw that none of the kind comments I recieved today got published, went to my e-mail, noticed most of my comments this month hadn't been published and were waiting for me to hit the publish button.

But I finally figured out that I hadn't reset the comments-must-be-moderated thing it is just that the comments were on a post older than fourteen days! Even the one I "published" today! Sorry if you were wonderin' where your comments had gone to, or where I had gotten off to.

Had pictures of Anna modeling my new knit hat pattern, can't find them, the pictures that is. I'll have Bet take pictures of her tomorrow and show you them when I get home along with the hat I nearly finished today. Mind you, I started it today down at the court house, from scratch, I hadn't even chosen the needles I was going to use.

I took all my dpn (double pointed needles) with me today, enough to supply an army, they were not confiscated but my blunt end scissors were. Oh brother. Except that I am very glad that they keep us safe down there. There are too many revengeful pain-filled people out there in this world. And some mighty shook and sad people in this town today because of it, that's for sure. So I didn't really mind, didn't even mind being "wanded" 'cause I set off the beeper in the morning and after lunch. Lots of sad stuff and you see a ton of it when you get off the farm and go into the city, or just read the paper.

I saw something that disturbed me today and when I tell you, some of you will roll your eyes and say to your computer screen that I need to get out more or lighten up or both. But here goes.

I saw a fancy pants man in cowboy boots and a suit sit next to a woman wearing a very fancy ski type jacket from our state's land grant university, WSU. She soon struck up a conversation with him, using his boots as a lead in and then I watched them converse for the next four or so hours, I saw him alone at McDonald's at lunch so at least they didn't go to lunch together.

Here's the deal, I wonder, because I saw a wedding band on his left ring finger and none on hers, if he told his wife all about the four or more hour conversation he had with an unringed engaging woman who laughed at all of his funny quips. I wonder if he told his wife and daughter and older son about this woman's comments on their family's pictures he was showing her just before I was excused for the day?

Home wrecking women and weak ego-stroke-needy gullible men lurk everywhere. And visa-versa.

A saying Dirt and I are familiar with, "Time plus opportunity equals trouble no matter who you are." Man I wish people saw that trouble starts well before the motel room. That this sort of familiarity with one person on this day leads to more familiarity with another on another day and before you know it you've crossed a line you never thought you'd cross. Even if you never make it to the motel room, you steal from your beloved when you give so much time to another.

There are several men out there who won't have the ability to listen to their own wive's four-thousand words tonight because some chatty women with no self-control dumped hers on them instead. I looked around the jury room today and the only men talking were the ones unfortunate enough to be sitting next to one of the bold un-controlled women. The rest of the men, reading papers, books or just sleeping will have the where-with-all to listen to their wives tonight.

Well there ya go, my rant for the day, hopefully the week, but who knows, it's been a while.

Take care Dear Reader, give every single moment to God, they are all His.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lanny, I see much of the same when we go to the big city for dr. appts.

Vickie said...

Good rant I say. I'm glad you added the "vice-versa" thing. I almost didn't see it and was about to way-lay the homewrecking gadabout men and the married women for you.

haha! People are just stupid sometimes and they don't even realize they're in over their heads until it's too late. I see it alot here, too.

Daisy said...

HA! They took your blunt scissors, but not your knitting needles? :D

I hope you post photos of Anna wearing the hat you made. I've never been able to knit. I can crochet, but knitting I can't do.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

I agree. People don't think beyond the "now" in situations. I wouldn't want my husband sitting and chatting with a woman for that long.
It makes me think of the verse about "even if a man looks on a woman with lust in his heart, he has committed adultery" or at least that's a paraphrase of the verse.

Hope you have a better day!

Far Side of Fifty said...

oh My..lots of goings on were going on..maybe neither of them had anyone that would listen to them...I don't know Lanny ..I talk to lots of men..and in forty years I haven't had sex with anyone except my husband:)