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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mums the Word (Sorry for the Corn)

This is Purple Light Chrysanthemum and the week's worth of nine degree temperatures have pretty much done these babies in. So I thought I would show them to you as they were two weekends back.

This is Prom King. I love mums, I love the way they look, I love their foliage and I love the way they smell, foliage and flower .

I could have an acre or so of these guys and I might be happy then.

This is First Light, very much like Purple Light only lighter.

I don't disbud them like they are supposed to be for exhibit but I choose instead to have smaller blooms but more of them. Living bouquets sort of.

My porch was full of them this year. I am missing the variety that I started with a couple of years ago.

So even if I haven't lost most of these fellas from the extreme cold I will most likely be adding to my modest collection this spring with some selections from King's Mums now in Oregon.

I really would like to add a football mum or two, and then maybe I'll do a little disbudding so that I can make myself a mondo corsage. I love corsages. I love hats and gloves too and real winter coats, not ski jackets. And spectator pumps like the one's Meryl Streep wears in Julia/Julie. Now those were the days for clothing, the 40's that is.

Not to be left out of the showing is my kale from last year. He decided not only to live to see another fall but to put on five heads off of one stem. This is what happens when Lanny procrastinates and doesn't get someone tossed on the compost pile right away. Sometimes it is truly unfortunate that procrastination pays off. Because a lot of times it doesn't but I live like it always does.
Nothin' to wordy or ingenious for you today, Dear Reader. Just flowers. Trying to get back on the blog pony. God, God has you in His hand, relax.


Flower said...

You held on to those blooms for quite a while! This was the week that took out everything...limp, cold and frozen. I hope some of the perennials come back up this spring! Maybe the nasty stink bugs will perish in the cold!! That would be nice.

Anonymous said...

I love these mums Lanny. The purple light is my favorite. This last week finally did in my reblooming Iris! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I think the flowers are still pretty nice. Who is the Rat Terrier Pup?

Daisy said...

Your mums are beautiful, Lanny! We haven't had any flowers to look at here for quite a while!! Thanks for sharing these lovely blooms. :D

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lanny: Beautiful captures of the mums, you picked some great ones.

Susie said...

How nice to see all these blooms Lanny. I really like those "light" mums. Not sure I have seen those before.