It is a delight to be the spouse of a hard working, joy-filled, dedicated man.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


The last day of Christmas
and the beginning of Epiphany.

Oh and Vicktory Farm & Gardens
is now an official business in the state of Washington!

Dirt is taking his home girls out to dinner to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Parkland - you know "We three kings from Orient are, bearing gifts we traverse afar..."

We usually stay home and try our hand at various delights with Eastern flavor but we decided to take it easier this year because the girls and I have been laboring outdoors (and a little upstairs) and not in the kitchen.

Toot-a-loo Dear Reader and we will visit soon. Honest.


Daisy said...

Congratulations on the new official business, Lanny. Hope you enjoy your dinner out. :D

A. Joy said...

And Guy Fieri did a marvelous Asian meal on Guy's Big Bite ( food Network ) last night. It looked sooooooo good. Shrimp served in pineapple bowls with pineapple salsa, rice with coconut milk and cashews, chai bubble tea - all he needed were some good Korean style ribs to go with ...
Okay, I'm hungry. Hey! Congrats on the business! Yay!!!!

Susie said...

Congrats! How wonderful for you!

LindaSueBuhl said...

Wonderful on officially being a working farm - seems as if y'all farmed and worked plenty for years now - but I understand the whole "offical" thang. Chinese food yum - all I need to say about that. A.Joy's comment sent my salivary glands into high gear!