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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Around to Stuff, Some, Twenty Years in the Making

Check it out, I finally changed up my banner picture, made it a little more seasonal. I usually get that changed more regularly but I haven't been doing much "regularly", I still have tulips on my lap top screen.

I like change, I feed on change, but this last year was so chalk a block full of change that I am thoroughly drenched in change and so my lap top and blog suffer. There you have it excuse five-forty-four from Procrastination Alley. - Oh wait, not changing it seasonally is change. There, that's better, I like rational better than excuses. Which one gets your forgiveness juices flowing Dear Reader? Or better yet, bag mere forgiveness, I'd like to know what trips your sympathy trigger, a good cry in the beer excuse or a straight forward justification that shows really deep down that a person is eternally a mess?

Sorry for that little pause in my writing but I started chuckling to myself and then ended up guffawing. My blatant search for sympathy reminded me of what my father used to say when, as an older child, I or someone else appeared to be looking to pull the sympathy card. He would tell us that we could find sympathy in the dictionary, located between two distinct words, not very nice words and we would get the definite idea that he was not pleased with whiners.

So never mind, don't give me any sympathy, I don't want it, not looking for it, because I'm afraid someone might direct me to the dictionary.

Well I'm still workin' at keeping to the whole moon and star signs thingy and I think today is a root day. Why? What makes it a root day? Days that follow the full moon and up to the new moon, the waning or decreasing of the moon, are days more root oriented. Why? I have no idea, it is just what the almanac says. Today is a definite root oriented day because of the zodiac sign. Did you freak out 'cause I said zodiac?

Zodiac - Astronomy A band of the celestial sphere extending about 8° to either side of the ecliptic that represents the path of the principal planets, the moon, and the sun.

Genesis 1:4 And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and years,

"We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him." The magi at Jesus' birth.

So any who, I was thinking that I head out to the beach to dig clams because the tide is low, but I know the tide will be low according to the phase of the moon and a bunch of other factors I am sure because the tide isn't always the same lowness (word?). So the whole planetary, star, moon thing, while I would never go by a horoscope to figure out who I was going to marry or how I should dress (there are other signs in the sky for that) I do get that maybe just maybe the whole moon and stuff has an effect on my beet seeds.

But if you think I've gone whack a doo and need a visit from the church authorities, you got their number, ring 'em up. but what I know so far is that it has actually kept me on a schedule of sorts since Christmas, when I received the evil almanac.

That was morning and now it is night

So I know I started writing this this morning and then decided I really needed to get the heck outa bed, and now I am getting ready to go back to same said bed, might as well stare at that dark ceiling awhile, and so I can tell you what I did today. Oh, rats, I have pics but they're in the cam still and if I load them, edit them and put them here not only will it mess with my paragraphing but it will keep me from at least appearing like I am trying to get a good night sleep. So maybe I'll do the picture thing later.

Any ways, I decided that it must be a good transplant day because it is a similar sign and all that, from the day they say it is, and I can't really plant root stuff 'cause it doesn't transplant well and I needed to be outside.

Sooooo...... I dug up the two lavendar plants that I had mounded soil around to cause them to root on the branches making a bunch of little lavendars. One, I needed them out of the bed they were in because I want to throw a poly hoop over it and get some spinach going but I didn't want to freak the lavendar out. Two, I needed something to do besides weed, I did end up doing some weeding today, merely incidental and not intentional so I don't think it counts.

We, Bet and I, ended up with a lot of new lavendar plants, that is if they survive the indignancy of being dug up, cut up, trimmed and slammed back down in the dirt. Most of them had put on a good clump of roots and that is what I have pic of. So I will stop talking about that now and wait until I have pics for you to see.

So these are the things I am in the market for Dear Reader, besides a little spiritual cpr:

1. a souwester hat, preferably a good color to go with my new Carhart raingear, so I'm thinking green 'cause my Carhart raingear is... you guessed it baby doo tan. 'Cause today was clear but I am hearing the rain dripping off the roof right now, and hoods are confining, like a straight jacket, which I should be in, but that is beside the point.

2. bulb crates, plastic totes approx 23"x15"x10" or there abouts, ventilated on all sides and bottom with built in slots for handles. No color preferred but basic black is so functional. Can't find a distributor, only a couple of manufacturers and I don't really need five hundred at the moment, not sure I ever would, I only desire about fifty.

3. a digital sportsman 1502 incubator with chicken, duck and quail racks. Within driving distance, 'cause shipping on these pups is right near a hundred. So if you live in the state and Crazy Uncle Mac bought one to populate the earth with quail so he could spend a weekend and shoot all of them, but Naggy Aunt Nancy shut him down after the first egg exploded in her living room and the incubator is sitting in your basement 'cause Crazy Uncle Mac begged you to take it, give me a call, I'll buy it off of Crazy Uncle Mac so Naggy Aunt Nancy can buy a new rug.

4. help for Dirt with his idea to take down a couple of trees that have shaded my north garden for years (not intended for being a shade garden) that would free up a spot for a green house and market shed not to mention dirt making station...

5. number four reminded me that I need some of those big huge concrete blocks, they're called ecology blocks and I want... opps, need some to form my soil, manure, shavings bins. Oh then I'll need...

6. a front loader for a tractor so I can toss my compost, scoop my dirt and shavings.

7. more help for Dirt, 7a. for him to catch and hold on to a vision of a solar green house, yes Dear Reader, most all greenhouses are solar but a solar green house does not need artificial heat. Well for the most part it doesn't, it can be primarily a passive system, hence less monetary input on a regular basis. (Which should make the vision getting and holding a sure bet for the Dirt-penny-pinch-man, but he keeps wandering back to those money sucking conventional types.) 7b. more help for Dirt to construct said green house.

Oh and I'd like to get this list cleared up by oh say... yesterday. But tomorrow will do. Okay, March.

All that talk of work and remembering the work I did and I think I could possibly be tired enough to sleep. Which would be a good thing 'cause the girls are dragging me into town tomorrow. But they still haven't found the missing cell phone, oh dear, driving around ala pre ninties, what will I do if I break down? Oh wait, we have feet, I forgot. Shhh don't tell the girls, the "find the phone first" gig has kept me from town all week! And we do have an emergency back up but they seem to have forgotten that. Keep weeden, just keep weeden. (sung to the tune of Dora singing "keep swimming, just keep swimming.")


Norma said...

Here in Ohio, one of our most popular doo-wop bands is "Phil Dirt and the Dozers." Great blog with good thoughts.

Daisy said...

Your dad's "look in the dictionary" comment made me laugh. Good luck with your projects, Lanny. Isn't it funny how we used to manage all the time without a cell phone and never gave it a thought? HA! Enjoy your weekend. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Lanny, I am finally getting around to catching up with you. I am getting slower..imagine that! You are using the moon sign to your cannot Grandparents also planted by them. Some of the old folklore is certainly interesting. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your girls! :)

A Joyful Chaos said...

Love the new banner picture. I don't need an incubator and sure don't blame "Aunt Nancy" for banishing it from her living room. Exploding eggs....Yuck! I'm guessing it was rotten too?

basebell6 said...

we are always shopping for a front end loader!! the ones around this farm are just too small :)

but definitely are a must for your ever-growing compost pile!!

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Love visiting here Lanny ~ its always an adventure for my brain. You keep me thinking, and laughing and thinking some more! That's a good thing!

Blessings, Lea

Carol............. said...

I like the new banner!

You're as busy as always..I can see..and another interesting and enlightening post.

Have a Great Week!