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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Up In The Middle of the Night

This use to be typical of me but not for a long while now. So I don't really know what to do with myself. I could do all my Ol' Befana baking but since my girls aren't little any more no need to do that in the middle of the night. It would require me putting my contacts back in and committing to staying up. Not sure I want to do either. I'm really hoping that not unlike reading my Horticulture magazine at ten-thirty and then eleven-thirty that I will just get tired again and go back to sleep, but as you can see I'm not doing so hot on staying asleep.

Tomorrow the girls and I tackle the upstairs, my sewing room/office and contemplative perch and their room. It is crazy messy up there. Because I no longer use the dinosaur computer up there and haven't had a huge urge to sew it has become the dump and run room. Come on, you know what I am talking about, either you personally or because you know someone like me intimately you know we have rooms or some folks contain it to a closet where things that you do not desire to deal with at the moment they find themselves in your hand go until you are ready to deal with them. In this case stuff has been being exiled up there since July when I did a grand cleaning, sort of, and before that we could date some stash I hadn't gotten to in July back to oh just shy of a year ago. I am positive there are no lost children, dead pets or rotting fruit up there but beyond that don't push it.

But the whole Farm and Garden by the moon phases and the zodiac thing has today, oops that'd be yesterday(Monday) , and the real today (Tuesday) and Wednesday as great days for weeding, barren signs in the sky, and so I extrapolate to the household, a great few days to weed indoors too. Which I think is a good use of a weeding day as today, oops, Monday, it was impossible to go outside even in rain gear I fear. One of those visibility zero because of the precip streaming down your face and in your eyes sort of day. Can't imagine that tomorrow is going to prove any better.

My cheery, isn't the whole world wonderful and dreamy, daughter, stood at the window several times today saying how she just loved the rain like this. Her sister and I would have contemplated the dismemberment of her body if we were those type of people, which give us a few more days of this and we might be. The down spouts, every single one of them, look like someone is up at the top of them with a hose on full blast. The barn roof, no gutters on it, was delivering a solid sheet of water for the majority of the day. Consequently what doesn't know how to swim on the Farm right now is getting a quick lesson and even the ducks have gotten out their umbrellas and hip waders.

I toyed with the idea of weeding a few beds, this being the first day of the best days for that sort of thing according to the zodiac and moon, but I decided the signs pouring out of the sky this morning, as we all looked out my huge new window, certainly held other prospects as being more profitable. But I really wasn't up for much so nothing but a lot of general tidying got done. Which considering that my toss and go room has become a teetering wall of what-not it is a good thing that I dealt with all those random things on the main level of the house that found their way into my hand today. But man, that takes a long time.

By the way, I'm not feeling very tired yet. I take that back tired yes, very, sleepy on the other hand, not so much and not the type that I am certain will keep me asleep for more than an hour before my eyes fly open and I find myself twiddling my thumbs, at least I think they are my thumbs in the dark.

I'd like to swear. But I won't, it doesn't look pretty on the screen, not that my regular words do, it is just that random or purposeful even, swearing doesn't look very pretty, sures heck isn't very uplifting, okay again, not that this is but lets not have the Lanny P. in the gutter completely shall we. But I do feel a swearing hanging just below the surface, a big one, a flippant one followed by a truly cranky one. Unfortunately I have no idea who I would aim it at.

Well sort of I don't know who and sort of I do. Dumb pusillanimous people in this world who don't ascribe to my way of thinking, that would be a starting target. Then mean people, stupid mean people, next target. Then careless people, ridiculously careless, "do you know you have feet even" people, I could have a good go at them I suppose. And then the foolish people, destroy their own lives and souls while destroying and hurting others in the process, foolish, foolish people.

But if I start swearing at them, I think that wouldn't be good enough, I would have to start throwing things at them. And I don't have a lot of nice breakable things that I could just run out and replace tomorrow.

So they (all those crummy people I mentioned) would win this battle, they would have control of my mouth and they would have destroyed my few little pretties in my house and they would not really have suffered a whit. Most of them are in bed and wouldn't even hear it all. And those that aren't in bed and are still out at the bars wouldn't hear because the music is too loud anyway.

So I won't swear at them. What I ought to do is pray for them. But me and zillions others like me for thousands of years have been praying for those yo-yos and they still just keep a coming, some one still keeps reproducing them. And they still continue to mess with good folks.

Folks that just want to live a decent life and take care of others. Folks that don't need to morn their father at the ripe age of sixteen. Folks that just want to drive the car from work to the store to home, safely and quietly and non-excitedly. Folks that just want to produce something that someone else might need. Folks that want to teach others how to do something useful.

Ya know, a big part of me hopes that the 2012 folks are right, because no amount of any earthy goodies and fun stuff compares with being in the constant up close and personal eternal presence of my God, and sure as shoot it would be nice to be done with the stuff I sorta wanna swear at.

Tomorrow, well Tuesday really and my computer calendar says that that is today, will be a more productive day for Vicktory Farm & Gardens, not necessarily brighter, as this area will be holding another memorial, but hopefully more productive.

Not much more to say Dear Reader, finding it hard to do my usual uplifting God focused adieus, so maybe just a reminder that God is everywhere and holds everything including our bodies together, He is the glue whether we acknowledge Him or not. He is, no matter what we think of Him. But it certainly would behoove us, for our sake, not His or anyone else, if we began to give Him more credence in our lives. In the whole of our lives not just in our desperate panic prayers when things seem to be going terribly a wry, or on Sunday when we get up, get dressed and toddle off to church so we can mark it off our good for you to-do list. He is the glue and the glue is there all the time.

I'm going to take another whack at sleeping. Hope I didn't leave to many errors for you to slog through, but a sleep cycle hit while I started to go through and correct and I am going to take advantage of it. Good night - or really good morning - Dear Reader.


Daisy said...

Our dump and run rooms are the attic and the basement here. They are a mess! Hope you were able to get some sleep, Lanny. Good luck with your clean up projects. Hope the rain lets up for you soon too.

KathyB. said...

As you can see by the time posted for this comment I am not asleep, nor did I sleep in this morning, nor did I have a nap. Never fear, this will catch up with me and I will over-sleep big time very soon.

The rain seems non-ceasing and we have puddles that are very very deep around here.You're right about the ducks too, poor ducks!

I don't have a whole room like yours, but a whole closet for sure. The closet is a needed space though and again I need to put aside a day to organize and edit STUFF! Boy, stuff can sure get in the way.

You are also right in that when I allow people to control, manipulate , or dictate my actions toward and impressions of them I usually become discouraged, and then discover I am one of them and fill myself up with doubt and self-hatred or blaming others, then I remember what Jesus did for me and as you wrote, to allow those other people to cause me to sin will cause them no concern or apologies..and detracts from Jesus, the answer and solution to all the problems

LindaSueBuhl said...

Quoting the great religious philosopher , Pogo - We have met the enemy and they is us.
Most of my ranting about "them" ends up with a stare in the mirror and a gulp - oh yeah - I've done that and mumbled repentance. Middle of the night musings can be the Spirit opening our hearts or - a bad pizza the night before. Always love your rambles - be careful of opening that swearing chamber - I occasionally leave the door ajar and find myself up to my earlobes in things I wish I hadn't said.
BTW - my dump and run room is my late great MIL's room upstairs -had great intentions right after she passed away of boxing up and sending to various family who need physical reminders of somebody they love. Right now - it is the dump and run. Good reminder Lanny - hope you got more sleep

Susie said...

Hope you finally got some sleep Lanny. I hate it when I can't go to sleep. Drives me crazy!

Good luck getting the upstairs room organized.

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Loved reading. I have a shed that I need to go through and organize. Hope you get the much needed sleep! blessings,Kathleen

LindaSueBuhl said...

BTW - if you take a road trip to MO for some black pigs- well swing a little south and make me clean up the upstairs dump and run room for y'all! There will be baby goats soon and always the attractive draw of living next door to a long horn breeder. Oh yeah - and DH and I are such fun people - ROFL - I do tickle myself!

Tipper said...

Our dump room-is called the dangerous room : ) When the girls were little we would tell them they couldn't go in there cause it was dangerous-it stuck.

Hope you finally got some sleep.

Sparky said...

I hate it when I can't shut down. It doesn't happen often but when it does, I drink a glass of wine. That usually helps. :)