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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pineapple Ham Bready Goodness for Gathering

This is the bread that Bet built.

This is the pineapple hammy goodness that took the bread that Bet built.

This is the bite that Lanny ate that was left over from the gathering that enjoyed the pineapple hammy goodness that took the bread that Bet built.
This is where you can get the recipe that Lanny used to turn the bread into the pineapple ham bready goodness that the few at the gathering enjoyed. But tread lightly at Drew Kime's site, a few days ago he had a photo that this prude, yah go ahead call me a prude,
okay that's enough, he had a photo that I so did not appreciate at a site that mentions my grandma, well every one's actually, because the name is "How To Cook Like Your Grandma."
I might mention as per my history, I changed up the recipe a little by adding the ham right into it.
I probably had more egg in it than was called for because my girls (chicken girls) lay big, no really big eggs but I still put in the eight he called for.
I have no idea if the amount of bread I used is the same as his because we both used free form loaves but his was a very different shape. I weighed mine and because he said ten slices I calculated a bread serving weight ten times and so I use four hundred fifty grams of bread.
I kept the sugar the same at two cups and creamed it with the half a pound of butter but I think I would cut back and use rendered ham fat to replace some of it especially if I didn't have much left over ham or wanted to kick up the ham taste.
I used fresh pineapple and cut mine with the groovy little plastic unitasker pineapple cutter that I picked up in my grocer's produce department a few years ago. I love it because it gives me rings, and a groovy shell. Once again I have no idea how much pineapple Drew used because three-fourths of the pineapple Dirt brought home to me yesterday would not have been near the same as three-fourths of the pineapple I picked up for Easter Sunday breakfast last Thursday. But I wanted a couple of slices for the top so I pretended that Drew used a small pineapple like the one Dirt brought home.
I would also not use a 400 degree oven, way to hot in my book and mine was over done in about forty minutes not the hour he states. I would bring it down to 350 and watch it like a hawk after forty five minutes.
Some other changes for the future:
When I make it without the ham I will definitely use more bread, most likely the other half of Bet's loaf. (not that particular one, it is gone already anyway)
A summer time pineapple coconut bread pudding, following this recipe with no ham, drain off all the pineapple juice and reduce it to a syrupy concentrated loveliness, mix with some coconut milk or cream or both, use coconut oil (like a shortening, solid at room temperature and very healthy especially for nerve damage), maybe put some fresh coconut flake in it, with Bet's homemade coconut extract and a little fresh vanilla bean. Baked slowly in a pan of water like a proper pudding or custard, serving it with a scoop of something like pineapple coconut ice. (not ice cream, ice)

I was going to tell a little bit about gathering and the what our small group's gathering looks like, "gathering" being the way a group of us tend to what we are called to in Hebrews 10:25 and other related passages as we no longer "go to church" but are diligently wrapping our mind around truly just being the church. But the sun is shining and the birds are telling me to get to work. I would much rather just stay in here and chat away about something I love to do.
I really should wait to tell you about it anyway as I would much rather do it with Dirt at my elbow, he has a great way of explaining what gathering is. And for now I am rather a sheep shearing widow and most likely won't see much of him 'til oh, say somewhere in July as the final shearing customers call in a panic, cause it will finally be hot. For now he is dealing with the sheep owners that actually think ahead. (shhh... I'm thinking I would be one that called him in August after my sheep passed out!)
But if you have some questions about what some folks might call house church or simple church or ..... "not traditional church", even concerns like, "how do you not become a cult", ask away and I will save the questions for when I can collar Dirt and we can answer them from our perspective.
We haven't been doing this long, both of us we brought up with different forms of traditional church and we just recently, in the past four and a half years have been enjoying the freedom and personal responsibility of being a Christ follower without attending and having membership to a traditional cultural church. Honest, fire away, nothing will surprise us or shock us or offend us. But when we do answer, remember it will be from our perspective and may also differ greatly from something you may have read under the heading of house or home or non-traditional or simple or what-ever church.
But now the weeds are giving me raspberry lips, I can hear them through my open window, and the slugs are clog dancing on my perennials so I gotta go show them I'm still in charge, or at least that they still could be disappeared with no ransom note, yes, call me a terrorist it is true!
Have a gorgeous weekend, Dear Reader, may the Lord your God,Creator, Saviour and Teacher bless and keep you and may you give Him all the glory and honor for He alone is worthy. I look forward to compiling and then answering your questions and concerns until then I will continue to have some great flower photos, more of the farm tour and I am sure I will continue to find something silly to tell you mid week to keep you entertained.


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Loved your words. The bread recipe looks delicious and you had me laughing as I read about the bread that was built. As for church, everyone has their own thoughts about it. I have a wonderful very small church in a very small town. The members are more like family than "church goers". I think following Christ and having Him as our Saviour is the most important thing of all, no matter if one goes to church or not. I have seen just as many good Christian folk who do not go to church as much as the ones I know that do go. Loved your post. blessings,Kathleen

LindaSueBuhl said...

We are currently going through the praying for guidance and studying scripture to prepare to housechurch - it is odd to me to call is not a church - and I promise not to get into a big old discussion about why I'm believing this because we are not doing it YET. Backwards I'm thinking - the pineapple bread - hmm Bet's bread looks fabulous - I'd probably like a chunk of her bread, a slab of ham and some mustard. The recipe sounds interesting and probably tasted great (anything with all those good ingredients would have to taste good!). Thank you for the sharing and I'm going to be watching for answers about how you do gathering. We are all supposed to be family - adopted into the family of God.

Susie said...

That looks fantastic! I may have to give it a whirl!

Mildred said...

Good afternoon Lanny, You have made me so hungry! I really enjoyed your comment on my post about cantaloupes. What a fun memory - thanks for sharing.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I've been feeling so good that I'm busy gardening this weekend (photos to follow). Thought I'd pop by and see what Lanny is up to ... and geez girl, now I'm hungry! Thanks a lot. [sigh] (just razzin' ya) It does sound delicious. I'll ask husband to make it sometime. :o)

Karen said...

That is a dish I have not seen before. I have a friend who makes muffins with bacon and cheese in them that are good. I like the idea of the pineapple in your recipe! Thanks

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

and the next time you can totally send some to me, right? right. ha ha ha

smiles, bee

A. Joy said...

Oh man that bread looks good! We're going for salad to take to our gathering tonight. A layered salad but for some reason - the hammy, pineappley, bready goodness sounds yummier - y. =)

Daisy said...

Sounds yummy and very rich. Looks like it was much enjoyed.

Drew Kime said...

I like the rings on top, that's a nice touch. And I think I'll try the ham right in it next time. Well, maybe in one half of it. :-) Thanks again for the ideas.