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Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Belated Post

It was quite possibly the Lutefiskiest time we have had so far. Last year the groaning board groaned a little harder than it did this year. For some reason we just couldn't get to all the geletiny things that Bet and I did last year. And I believe that I had more pickley things and of course the korv was missing this time.
Mike said that the food was more normal. Which I must reply to by saying that there was plenty of normal food last year he must have just been to frightened of all the other things to see it. Or, as the years go by this stuff gets more and more normal

We are sorry that some of our friends could not make it for a little giggly jiggly fish and yummy things.

But we are very glad that some friends took us up on our bloggy invitation and a chance to get in touch with their heritage!

The Vick family looks forward to this time of year, a time to highlight our Scandinavian heritage. How ever it turns out.
No cider was pressed and no canoes were converted to Viking boats, but in good Viking pillage and plunder manner many of the celebrants went out and shot up a lot of ammo and killed a few plastic bottles.
No on with the rest of the season!

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Daisy said...

Good food and fellowship--what could be better? :)