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Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Is It...

that nothing but rehash happens on the news over the weekend but then on Monday we have to recap all that went on over the weekend that we didn't know about? I'm confused.

Now I would like to breifly address the rehash that I was going to address last evening.

Oh, if you are just here for my POW it is the next post down.

I think it is hilarious that it is called mud when it is thrown, but truth or an "issue" when it is thrown the other way. And it is expected that people are going to believe there is a difference! And they do!

Look, why is it that you can basically call someone a fool and out of touch for their econmic plan but someone can't call you foolish and out of touch for who you have picked to help you launch your polital career?

Look, why does the media or my fellow citizen with a microphone in his face get to tell me what my issue is? My issue is who is a puppet and for whom?

I have looked into it and I have come to the conclusion that Obama doesn't mind using people because he allows people to use him. And I will continue to call for people to look into it. Look into who has propped him up. Ask why he thinks it is okay to launch his political career in a certain man's living room. I, personally, think it is very important as to who is backing you. It is what the whole out in the open party system is all about.

But even with what we are being told are real issues, candidate's approach to economics or defense plans, people approach it in several different ways. One is being willing only to listen and not self investigate, another is to engage in and think out the implications, this of course requires that "issues" be talked about by both sides. From there springs different political decision making approaches: the "conversation" can be taken by the citizens as a prompting to do our own research; or we can listen and make our decision on what we hear in ads or speeches; or we can plug our ears and say that it is all just to hard to figure out and both sides lie about things anyway and so toss a coin or vote for who ever is sexiest (ala Barbra Walters and the View).

We all get to decide for ourselves what type of citizen we are going to be. And because of free speech, I and others can try to influence you not only for the side we pick but for the way we pick them.

As far as the heat in the kitchen....

Oh, and you can dish anything you want to about my pick and why, just be ready for my comeback or my silence, because maybe I think your words will hang themselves.

On civility? Come on folks, it is a fight. It's a contest for the biggest job in America, and you want it to be all kissy kissy? If some guy can't slug it out with a fellow American then how can I expect him to slug it out with countries that would love to see our demise?

But remember after all is said and done and even during the slugfest, America is what it is we are fighting for. It may not be the most important thing in my life (it isn't even in the top 5) but it is what "this" is all about. And heck it only last for a couple of months out of forty-eight.

Yes, I am a fighter and I am a Christian, and so far I don't see that they are mutually exclusive. But even on that, you are welcome to express yourself, feel free to call me a crappy Christian because I am involved in the political discussion and I'm scrappy. But for me, that will be a yap for another day, I have plants to winterize today and a lute-fest to prepare for.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i heard today that 80% of ceo's are for mccain.

i think it's the "gimmie factor" that make people want obama. and the ones paying want mccain. scary, huh?

smiles, bee

Dr.John said...

This is well written and about as fair as political commentary can get. I really wish I was as sure as you are that McCain is the person to lead us.

Mike the Stone said...

I am usually very political, but the longer this campaign goes on, the less I care. The reality is, McCain is only slightly less socialist than Obama, both believe in huge amounts of spending, just on different things, and did you hear what McCain said we should do about the mortgage crisis? FORCE banks to renegotiate mortgages based on the current value of the properties! The very thought makes me want to flee for a less socialist Sweden.


Mike the Stone said...

Ron Paul, where are you? Your country needs you!

KathyB. said...

Thanks Lanny for being brave enough to "let it all hang out ", discussions about faith AND politics, well,all our parents at one time or another warned us about discussing those two topics. And yet, being Americans living IN America is supposed to grant us the right to freely discuss issues we regard as very important without risking limb or life, or hopefully reputation. Most of the issues surrounding our opinions and choices are usually ( one hopes ) thought out and reasoned to some extent. One also hopes the people making the choices and voting take into account the ultimate winner will be a major determining force in the lives of everyone in the country for the next 4 years or more.

That said, I am so thankful I am an American, a Mother of a Marine who fought in 2 tours of war in Iraq, the daughter of a soldier who fought 2 tours of war in Vietnam, and one who prays for a leader of our country who would not dismiss or disrespect the average American who will shoulder the growing burden our country places on the average American...the burden of unrelenting taxes and demands of the bodies and souls of our youth...the real resource that matters unto death.