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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here's Some Mud In Your Eye, Flung By Your Own

Go here now or read what I have to say first.

At least your electorate oughta be smarter than this.

A normal person would be embarrassed that his constituency wasn't any brighter.

The poor old, full of fear, woman at the McCain town hall meeting who was worried about the rumors that the other guy is an Arab, is at least correctable, McCain can gently calm her fears and let her know that he doesn't believe his opponent is an Arab.

But what to you do with muddle headed constituencies that have the issues bass ackwards.

Do you tell them, "No, no the guy you want to vote for clearly doesn't believe the things you do. Change your opinion to meet his,"?

Or do you tell them, "Sorry, in all honesty, if you really feel that way then you better vote for the other guy no matter his color or his party,"?

Who would have thunk it, off of Howard Stern no less?!!

Dirt and I wish to put this disclaimer here: we would never in a million years listen to Howard Stern's radio program thereby hearing this, this You Tube clip was on Sarge's site today and he encouraged his readers to post it, and I agreee that it needs to be heard.

Now I know that none of you dear readers are so careless as to vote for a fellow just because of his race or his political party because over riding guilt dished from the politically correct guardians, but just in case you know of someone who seems to not be thinking clearly this year, here you go, proof that there are those out there who are being duped. You may want to reach out to them and make sure that they know what they are voting for and why. But if they still want to vote for the guy who goes against some of their essentially held beliefs then please dear reader don't criticize them or tell them they are a fool.

Like I told Sarge, puppets for the Grand Puppet.

Oh crumb I gotta go plant some daff bulbs and I have never loaded a You Tube thingy so just go here now.

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