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Friday, October 3, 2008

They Just Ate the Mud Sandwich

But it is us that will have indigestion down the road.

I keep hearing that this was a better bill than the one voted on on Monday. How does a 3 paged document get improved by becoming a 450 paged one? It is not from adding clarifying language.

Adding that many words rarely clarifies anything. All those words mean that there are things that are now law that would never have been able to pass on their own or in a smaller, less "critical" bill. Approximately 447 pages of attachments or as Dirt says chyme.

This is insane. In order to "save" our economy we may have just nailed up its coffin.

The DOW is up, the Dow is down, the Dow is up, now it is falling again as I write more paragraphs.

The Dow is much like the people; first we are shocked that homes are foreclosing and cry out that "something must be done." But then the what "must be done" appears to save the wrong doers. So we say "no way, don't you dare bail them out."

We are warned, "Hey things could get a rough, real rough," we are warned and warned and warned.

And we say "we don't care, we are willing to just deal with it!"

Until our 401Ks loose some money and our retirements begin to look a little different than planned. And the local banker warns the local business man that he may not get loans.

Then, just as the "law makers" are heaping, attachment upon attachment to this bill in order to get the votes it needs, we begin to call our representatives, "Oh, we were wrong, we don't want to tough it out, pass the bill, pass it today."

So they do and blame it on their constiuency. The same constiuency that many of them were prepared to ignore.

Hope you liked spending your 2,333.00 bucks per person including children today. Hope it saved your neighbor. Hope it saves the big business that employs your son. Hope it saves the little business that your uncle runs. Hope it helps the poor family down the street. Hope it saves the guy who bought the 1.9 million dollar home on 100% financing. Maybe it will even change the guy's life who begs on the freeway off ramp.

Just thinking....


preacherman said...

Wonderful post and thought for us today. I can remeber as a kid forcing my younger brother to eat a mud pie. I got a spanking for that one I tell you. Thank you for sharing this with us all. I have been blessed by reading all of your posts. I have added your blog to my list of favorites. Keep up the great work you do and have a wonderful weekend.

KathyB. said...

Mud sandwiches...with chocolate topping ? Might make it taste a bit better, but then, might make me sick too ! Thanks Lee Ann. I agree with Jeff from a previous comment, different opinions and the ability and right to share them make this a wonderful nation. And the fact that sometimes we are able to disagree and still be friends without fear of government censorship is something we should never take for granted...

Now , about that mud pie, butterscotch topping with whipped cream...? Strawberries..

Dr.John said...

You can trust congress.
You can trust congress.
You can trust congress to foul everything up.
You can.