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Monday, March 15, 2010

Just A Bit


Dirt and I had a great trip and visit up north with our good friends.

And we were very successful at Charley's. The plans are gelling up for the hothouse and plant shed! Fancy plans will be drawn up and we will be getting a permit, 'cause Dirt wanted to make my plant shed a bit bigger than a non-permit shed could be. Ain't he a thoughtful fella?
I came home so well rested that I was sure I could conquer the world, and was about to proceed in that very direction Sunday morning when Janie began her labor.
I'm going to let Anna tell the whole story, it might take her a day to get there, but all in all somewhere around noon on Sunday I lost control of the destiny of my well restedness. It all got spent on Janie. And Anna.
Why on Anna? Two hours of middle of the night tears spilling out of a clam are very hard on a Mom-body, rested or not. Tears freak me out, they are a bodily fluid you know, a big reason why I couldn't stay working as a nurse, body fluids draw bad reactions from me. You do know that I am an economy model mother after all, don't you Dear Reader?!
In the end, all is well, well, not Dirt's pocket book, that is so light I think it floated up over the trees and right on out to sea. But Janie has five live pups, two born Monday at three in the morning and three born at three Monday afternoon.
Janie's career at Anna's Personal Puppy Mill is over! It was already going to be her last litter as she was about to move on to a whole different stage in life, but now it is over for sure.
And now I am going to bed.
Not really, I'm headed out to check on seedlings and maybe scoop out a few new pathways but I will avoid anything that takes even just one brain cell, 'cause those stopped working several hours ago, hmmm I was driving though?.
You know what I am going to end with, don't you Dear Reader?
God is good all the time, absolutely, in every step and turn in our lives, as He holds together absolutely everything, the wonderful restful days as well as the long long tearful nights.


LindaSueBuhl said...

wonderful to hear Janie and pups all OK - being spayed isn't a bad thing - she has produced gorgeous pups and is a pretty dog herself. Sorry about the tears - it is frightening when it seems something isn't working the way it is supposed to.

Susie said...

Those little puppy paws are so cute!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I will guess that a pup was turned or breech..and had to go to the Vet..hence the tears.. but you got some live pups..I love pups just look at how pretty that little nose is and those little nails and pads are perfect..I hope all goes well with the pups and Janie too:)

Daisy said...

Middle of the night tears are never good. Sorry to hear you all had such a rough night. Love the puppy picture. I bet the pups are as sweet as the day is long. :)

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

that little pink puppy nose is so sweet!
we are still wondering if our McKenzie is going to have some pups. It wouldn't be for another month. I'm not really sure how to tell, besides her getting big around the belly.