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Friday, March 5, 2010

Today and Tomorrow, Oh and Yesterday Too

Today and tomorrow are the best days for seeding root crops and perennials, I'm a busy lady for the next couple of days. Plus Mr. Leonard's crew (okay, one operator) is coming early Saturday morning to rip out the stumps and level out my building site then Mr. Vick can get the gravel in here, and start my buildings.

Six ewes have lambed, there are nine more to go. Docking tails happens late this afternoon.

Yesterday, right on cue in the afternoon, ewe number six, Rickie, a first timer, had two lambs. Way to go Rickie. We all walked out to see how they were doing and bring them up to the barn.

One little guy seemed to not look so good.

Mr. Vick does a quick check with his assistants standing ready to help. A finger slipped in the mouth reveals all is well and nice warm temperature.

Where the heck did Rickie go?

What is she running off to and look at the one baby doing his best to keep up with mahm.

Here comes the crowd, galloping, bawling ewes. Some of them are definitely heavy with lambs. Most of our sheep are Suffolk, a down breed, raised primarily for meat. Their wool is not barbed and therefore not the greatest to spin up and it will not felt like others. Because it doesn't felt up it is popular to use as batting for quilts.
Ooops off track again.

This was what they were all running for, the girl with the grain. Bet is the routine livestock feeder and she is doing an awesome job this year. All the ewes are looking great nutritionally.

If you listen closely you'll hear her singing as she swings her empty bucket, most likely Danny Boy or Desperado, maybe it is a tune from American I. but usually it is one of her Johnny Cash tunes. Gotta get the girl a new cd to listen to.

Well it is time to head to the barn now that all the other ladies have been distracted by the grain. Anne and Abby will carry the lambs out in front of the mom and that helps get her moving forward.
Off to get seeds in flats and under a low poly tunnel.
God is good. His goodness never ends and it never takes a break.


Daisy said...

Loved the pictures and hearing about your day, Lanny. And yes, I could almost hear Bet singing a Johnny Cash song as she walked along there. :D

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Carol said...

Just beautiful, Lanny!! I LOVE sheep~

Thank you for your heartfelt post on my blog. I can't even imagine what the world will be like without my mother....although I know she'll be much happier in heaven than she is now. How beautiful that you have all those bouquets of flowers to remember her by~

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Lanny: Exciting post and wonderful to see all the great sheep and the little lambs. The miracle of birth unfolded.

Mrs. Mike said...

Let the dirt work begin!

Don said...

I love seeing all the action at your homestead. Your family is living the good life!

Eggs In My Pocket / Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Love the pictures and enjoy reading about your busy day. Blessings,Kathleen

Far Side of Fifty said...

Twin wonderful! I loved the photos! :)

Carol............. said...

What a fun visit! I love the sheep....

Tipper said...

Love the photos-especially the one of her swinging the bucket-and I do believe I did hear her singing : )

Finally getting warm enough to plant the spring things here-I'm determined to do the sign thing too. I hope it brings me and you both great success!