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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Always A Silver Lining

CIMG7971_edited-1Here's my greenhouse, all finished. Just joshin' ya. But this is part of what was promised...

...that silver lining that we always see when we step back and take a second look.

Last week we didn't have far to step back to in order to get a clear view of a bold, wide silver lining and this one, laced with gold.

CIMG7955_edited-2Always a good and glorious day when the Vicks link up with the Coulters. The two young men on the left at the long lunch table with the Vicktory Farmhands are just part of the egg-warriors I spoke of in the last post.

Justin, far left, is the highway warrior of the four, doing battle on the road against nutty drivers throwing their cars in front of the egg truck just to see if they can break a few. They never do.

His brother, Trevor, mid left, keeps all the paperwork and eggs nicely balanced, you could call him the li'eggison between coop and customer. It was only a suggestion.

Pop Coulter, not to be confused with pop culture and not pictured here, also works with paper and eggs and pretty much everything and anything that allows you to walk in your favorite market, mindlessly scoop up a carton of eggs, throw down a few pennies, and know that you will have a good and nutritious product for breakfast the next morning or in a sandwich for lunch if that is more your thing.

Mother Becky keeps this hard workin' crew glued together with a homey relaxed well fed atmosphere where 'er she is.

The Coulters Four have become a vital part of the Vick's existence. They visit us often and are always so willing to pitch in a hand or two or eight and help us with our work. Victory Farm and Gardens would not be as far along as it is if it were not for them.

After another delightful meal and introduction to one of their favorite places up in beautiful Skagit country and great rebound from Chuckie nightmare (see previous post) the young men headed back to work (last week was a hard one for those in the real egg business) and

CIMG7957_edited-1Mark and Becky led the way through the Valley of the Tulips native style. So yes, we turned left on Wall and drove out the tulip route

CIMG7958_edited-1The daffs are still blooming with some of the tulips in the background just beginning to show color.

CIMG7962_edited-1The tulips in Washington State and specifically in the Skagit Valley were out the earliest they have ever been and now that chilly weather has finally set in growers are expecting the longest season on record as well.

CIMG7964_edited-1This was the view through the gate into the beautiful gardens at RoozenGaarde, we decided that time constraints on all of us meant that we would only peak through at the gardens that could have easily cause Lanny to spend several hours here, noting this and that tulip and other garden delights. Hey! it's what I do!

CIMG7969_edited-1Every direction a body looks in the Valley there is a treat for the eye and the soul to feast upon.

CIMG7976_edited-1Why is this so delicious looking, but if your four year old daughter put a red shirt on over her pink corduroys you would take her back to fashion school for yet another lesson on combining colors wouldn't you?

CIMG7978_edited-1While were on the subject, I just want to say that though there are many a magazine and whole book shelves devoted to how to combine colors and textures in gardens for that perfect effect.. I say hooey, just garden.

CIMG7982_edited-1If you keep looking at all those gorgeous photos of other peoples gardens and reading the articles, that sometimes contradict the last article you read, you may never feel strong enough to master the art of gardening.

CIMG7994_edited-1I got news for you. Gardens are personal, but I have never been to a garden or hung out where plants were growing that didn't feed some part of my soul. CIMG7988_edited-1 A garden of any sort is far better than none at all. Gardens are not made by masters, masters are made by gardens.

CIMG7990_edited-1If you've never been up to the Skagit Valley then you really must travel there sometime, it is a beautiful place. Dirt and I and the girls have been up there a few times and each time I see it in a new way, notice more things.


CIMG7997_edited-1I can't imagine not wanting to be a farmer living in the midst of this splendid valley.

Our tour guides took us on Best Rd. which really was a best road especially during tulip time, it runs along in the valley and then up it goes along side this lovely little rise that gives a nice view of a large chunk of the valley and incredible blocks of color.


Then we came down again and connected with Brown Slough Rd. which would turn into Fir Island Rd and take us to Conway and I-5.


But as we turned onto the Slough Rd. we slowed way down because an enormous flock of snow geese decided to put on a show.


And they kept it up for quite a while


Even as we waved good bye to our good friends, turned into our pit stop for a chance at finding a grapefruit, Snowgoose Produce, the geese continued their aerial show for just a bit more. It was easy to see why the produce stand has that name, these geese were right across the road. And besides, it rhymes.


Alas, Snowgoose Produce had a lot of lovely offerings but not one grapefruit in sight. But Dirt spotted a customer with one of these so he just had to have one of his own. No one wants to be in the car with a warm fresh waffle cone filled with cool ice cream and watch it be eaten and not have a little too, and since there was no grapefruit, what the heck.

Hope you enjoyed the flowers and the tour a fraction as much as we did Dear Reader. I'll be back soon with our trip down the freeway to home, but I might have to tell you about some other stuff first, or unload a bunch of mental wanderings as well, we'll see.

Look for a silver lining, it is always there, God's timing is best after all.


Daisy said...

What a beautiful place, Lanny! The flowers are gorgeous. I loved seeing the snow geese too. I've never seen anything like that before. This was definitely a silver lining.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

love the pink and red tulips together... so pretty!

basebell6 said...

i've always wanted to see a field full of flowers!!! i guess there are a lot in michigan too. JEALOUS!!

Carol............. said...

Did you get some beautiful pictures or what?? Wonderful to see all those colors.

Will be back to Washington soon so I'll be able to experience this first hand! LOL

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lanny, Stunning photos of the tulips..I could just sit there for half a day or more and soak in their colors. Another blogger that I follow DJan was at the same place just a week or so ago..she was there in the rain too. It must rain a lot there! LOL..what a great trek..thanks for taking us along! :)