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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bulletin Number Eight

Or, Catching up on Lanny's Hot House Project

Bulletin number eight of the Pierce County whatever says that framed structures for the purpose of protecting and propagating plants covered with up to twenty mil plastic is exempt from having a permit.

So let's finish up that project eh?

We last caught you up on the project with the post Remembering, Doing, and Looking Forward, All in a Saturday's Work.

Since then...


The gravel came and Dirt spread it just so.

Then Wonder Workers came, helped me pot up tomatoes, moved some of my little trees and helped Dirt put in the foundation.

CIMG7851_edited-1So that we could get to here during Dirt's Spring Semester Break. All vacations begin with a shopping trip.

CIMG7857_edited-1This is the knee wall. It is solid because, well because it doesn't need to have sun come through here. It would lose more heat than gain.

CIMG7876_edited-1Other things you can build in Pierce County without a permit?

CIMG7875_edited-1An oil derrick.

CIMG7877_edited-1I think we'll build that next.

CIMG7878_edited-1 Heave ho. Flippin' the wall on it's face to put it up.

CIMG7879_edited-1Lining up to those big fat screwy things

CIMG7882_edited-1 Up

CIMG7883_edited-1 Up...

CIMG7884_edited-1Okay, okay, I think.... we're there...

CIMG7885_edited-1Okay, brace it please.

CIMG7891_edited-1 That is one tall wall.


In place ready and


There you have it. Now for the rafters to hold the polycarbonate sheets.

And a whole nuther story.

We've gotten much farther along but this has been a lot of pictures for you to go through so I'll show you more progress soon, I promise not to take so long 'til the next post, barring plant tragedies and school holidays and such, it will be soon, really it will.

Things are still just humming along smoothly in my world. I'll probably have to call VF&G Opening Day, Sneak Preview Day instead but heck, things are looking better than I could have hoped for, really, target dates and dreams aside. And we have still had time to have a few good laughs as a family; watch March-now-April madness; sneak in another shopping trip, this one two hours away; grab a fun movie or two at Blockbuster; and eat way too much chocolate.

God willing, we will continue to hum right along to hatching out chicks, ducklings and poults; tying up loose ends on the hot house; moving plants in; transplanting many different items out to the Market Garden; and harvesting some spring greens... all the while enjoying the company of good and precious people in our lives and sharing our abundances.


Anonymous said...

Very exciting times Lanny! Glad to hear things are going well. I notice some short, four-legged supervisors running around!!!

Daisy said...

Wow, it is looking great, Lanny! Much progress is being made there. You'll be growing all sorts of plants in there soon.