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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hippy Hot Hut

I'm in!

Well, I'm in for a little bit then I'll clear out and let Dirt finish sometime around June. Well with this side any who. We've got some figger out on the other side.

Figgerin' and fightin'. It's the perennial problem when the finance manager is the builder but not the user and dreamer.

September is the date for the other side.

I'm reconciled.


When last we talked we had gone up during Dirt's spring break to pick up the missing pieces and come home and finish the glazing, but that far from finishes the whole deal.


Good ol' Patty Whack greets us and wants to know what took so long, Tulips Patty, tulips, a fantastic lunch, a splendid trip around an inspiring valley and a perfect but all too short of a visit.


But here we are now, back to work and happy, so happy to be working with this wonderful material.


Dirt is tapping the sheet down into place, tap, tap, tap, see the sheet moving down into place...


And the glazing was done, the twenty-ninth of March!

Two weeks later, enough holes have been filled and enough has been done that Dirt says as long as I give him room to work, I can move some of my plants down here. Others might just head to a cold frame or water walls, but... cough, cough, I'm not sure.


After supper yesterday, which we actually ate down here, the girls and Dirt helped me move all my fuchsias into the Hippy Hot Hut.


Dirt put up the crossy things and then put up a couple of pipes to hang the baskets. The crossy things will come in handy when I throw a little shade cloth over them to keep the fuchsias from burning.

They won't be in here long, I hope. Then I need to figure out where to hang all of them outside while they continue to grow. The crash and being in where I couldn't water them without walking them in and out has been hard on them, guess I shouldn't have been so eager to start certain endeavors before having the right spot to do it. Oh well, I'll learn that lesson for sure, when I'm sixty, or seventy, by then Bet will be in charge.

Well gotta get my coffin' head out of bed and go move the brugs and all the rest of everything. Maybe do a little seeding...

Workin' just a bit slower today, heck have been goin' slower for a few days now. But its all good, obviously I needed to slow down so I could do more deep thinking. Arencha lucky Dear Reader, you get to read the result of my brain matter sloshing around!


By the way, Ralph has noted that I managed to skip Colorado in my list of Arbor Day party state dates. Didn't mean to. But as I was clicking around the map on the Arbor Day web site I musta gottin a bit confused with all those square states down there Ralph. Duly noted and the date will be added and we will have a special cookie eatin' party, nah, we'll have Colorado Carrot Cake! in honor of a tree partyin' resident of said state!


LindaSueBuhl said...

so much progress! your plants will grow at exactly the rate the Lord has planned - obviously you are being protected from something with the various small setbacks - maybe 'cause His timing is always better than even a dreaming, designing, doing daughter of the King?

Anonymous said...

The "Hot Hut" looks great!

And , hey, I'm with ya on the Earth day -vs- Arbor day. Arbor day wins every time... hands down!!

So have a happy day celebrating God's goodness and His marvelous creation!

Jo said...

Your Hippy Hot Hut sounds just exactly like someplace I should be. All three of my girl grands were born out of their era. Sure, I'll take the blame for that.

Your space is sure looking good. I can't wait to see it when you get it loaded.

A. Joy said...

SO exciting!!! And I like the new name for it! Hippy Hot Hut say it 3 times fast!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i asked d#1 what she does for a cough for her family... they do things naturally as much as possible. she said 1 part moonshine, one part honey, and one part lemon juice and a piece of peppermint candy in the jar to flavor it. one tbs. maybe two. she said if you can't get moonshine (like she can! ha ha) use peppermint schnaps.

smiles, bee

Daisy said...

Wow, it looks great! How exciting. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh Lanny your hut is looking good! I am wondering how you are going to get a shade cloth up there..but I am sure you have it all figured out.
I hope you are feeling better..sounds like you are still coughing..and you are reading blogs you must be in bed I am worried..but then I read your post about worrying..and decided you are in good hands! AND you are aware that you are in good hands too!! Take care my friend!
Congrats on the hatching chicks too!! :)

Tipper said...

Hippy Hot Hut I'm glad you're in!