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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Easter Cake

Mildred gifted me a post. I told her about my mom and I sharing a favorite candy and she posted about a cake using the very same candy. Thank you again for thinking of me Mildred.

I thought I was going to make it to enjoy it tonight for Fat Tuesday, but when I got to looking at it, I realized it looked like a fruitcake recipe. I noticed in the comments for Mildred's post that some had this as a Christmas cake and one person said that they liked it better than fruitcake.

Now I don't know about that better than part, maybe the same as, because I am a fruitcake girl. Ya, I know what you're saying Dear Reader, something like, "fruitcake for the fruitcake," but it is what it is, me and about ten other people in the world like fruitcake.

My mom and I shared that taste for fruitcakes as well as our candy preferences. We really felt that we had scored when we found Collin's Street Bakery out of Texas. I have not had one of their fruitcakes since she died, I'm not sure I could get past the first bite. We also scored when I found Truman Capote's, A Christmas Memory. I was surprised my mother did not know the story, Truman Capote was an author who's work she appreciated. As an English (the apple rolled far on that one, didn't it) and a drama teacher she had a wide appreciation for literature.

Oh, back to the cake, so I have decided that the cake is getting baked tonight and then wrapped in an orange liqueur until Easter. I think it will make an excellent Easter cake. The bright orange candies will lend itself well to the season. I usually only make pies for Easter, all sorts of spring pies, banana cream, lemon, coconut, key lime, not necessarily all of them all at once but those are the ones I choose from. But now the "cake" will join the line up!

But what about tonight? Well this works out just perfectly. Winter is coming to an end, Dirt has already had what I consider a spring pie, his first banana cream of the season, on Saturday. It is time to make the seasonal switch over.

There was just one more of Bet's scrumptious apple pies in the freezer.

She did up quite a few of them this fall but we were unsure how they would turn out or hold up. She froze them without baking them first, and then we saw a Martha S. show that claimed that when you freeze and then bake they are soupy. Well Marth, ya lied.

Bet's pies are still great almost six months later, not a sog in the bunch. Having pies ready to go in the freezer has really been a blessing. They take a while to bake but no muss, no fuss, in the oven and out in about an hour.

So a beautiful roasted salmon dinner and a pie, yum.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to tomorrow. I have a post in the works, it goes with my "Feelings" post and was spurred by Alan's post, Knowing About or Experiencing which asked a couple of good questions today.

So Dear Reader, "We've had fun and played our games, won't you come again." (A little ditty from my childhood Wanda Wanda watching. ) Come again tomorrow and perhaps we will also talk discipline. Don't worry I'm no expert in that department, as most of you are well aware of, but sometimes I gotta go beyond myself you know. Anna and I are doing menus, due to the encouragement of Rebecca and LindaSue. The whole stewardship thing.


Tattie Weasle said...

Hi Just dropped in via CJ loved your blog and learned a lot too. I never knew about Fat Tuesday before as I've always known it as Shrove Tuesday here in the UK.
Take care.

Mildred said...

Morning Lanny, I think the orange slice cake will be beautiful as an Easter dessert! Thanks for sharing the tip about freezing pies. How handy to have them ready to pop in the oven. Bet's pie looks delicious. Hope you all have an enjoyable day!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket and Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Hi Lanny...everything sounds so delicious and makes me hungry! I just love recipes like the cake one you have posted about. The pie looks yummy! blessings,Kathleen

Patty H. said...

Orange slice candy is not one of my favorites. But apple pie is!! THat looks so yummy.
I heard on the news this morning that things didn't go so well in Neworleans last night, seems shots were fired, 7 people hit, including a baby that got grazed by one. Not my kinda 'party'.
Thanks for your prayers and sweet comments.
I so enjoy reading your blog.

Susie said...

That pie looks delish! I could definitely sink my teeth into that!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you and sarge like fruitcakes. he even likes those nasty claxton ones! yikes!

your pie looks wonderful though!!!

smiles, bee

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

i've never tried freezing pies. that's a good idea.
by the way, your comment about my elk burger made me laugh. and no i didn't use the elk that ended up on my back porch. ha ha

Shellmo said...

I am so hungry now after reading this post! Never thought to freeze apple pies...... hmmm!! Good to know it worked out for you!

Karen said...

My birthday is near Christmas and I never wanted a fruit cake with candles on top! But I like them now. Thanks for sharing.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Fruitcake!!? We live just 60 miles from Claxton you know. Claxton is the fruitcake capital of the world. They use it as a building material there in town. That's why they're shaped like bricks. Buildings made from fruitcake are still standing after 100 years. It's a cheap building material as the sugary candy fruit acts as a natural mortar.

[roflmao] ♥ ∞

Daisy said...

That pie sure looks good, Lanny. How handy to have it in the freezer and all ready to bake. The orange cake will make a wonderful Easter dessert, I bet.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Sorry I thought I'd left a comment and appears I did not. The cake -she sounds interesting. I also like orange candy slices - not so sure about in a cake but you'll tell us all in about 38 days I think. The pie thing - absolute fabulousness - I've done a few "made and froze" pies and it was fun to have. I love a good fruitcake - so you are not alone there! Hoping your feelings are feeling just fine (or as my clever DH likes to say when asked how do you feel - with my fingers is his reply). 'nuff -

Ted M. Gossard said...

Sounds good. An Easter Cake. I'm glad things are beginning to turn. Reached 40 here today, though another cold weekend to hit us. Can't wait until Spring.

Marla said...

i could use a piece of that apple pie right now. I'm hungry. I never cook anymore since Pete is gone.