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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good News, Bad News and News, Even Borderline TMI News

There will be clam digging in March (providing that there are no little microbes in the tide that cause death to shellfish eaters (there is always something that kills selfish eaters)) and woohoo it is during Dirt's semester break.

Bad news, absolutely not one opening at Grayland State Park for our traveling tavern.

That means drive down and drive back and that means, rationally, only one day at the ocean. So as long as I can persuade Dirt, we can fit at least one clam tide in, providing of course that the microbes tend to themselves where ever it is that they tend to themselves at.

Dirt is down at the fairgrounds today for the Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show and I have been horrifyingly disobedient and did not get outside. I did more that I had planned yesterday so today was like a free day in my head. I can and often do rationalize absolutely anything. I was thinking of making that my cottage industry, I will rationalize for you for a fee!

But that is really lame thinking because I am a million "did more than I planned" days behind where I'd like to be and certainly even a thousand days in the eyes of mercifully kind friends, even you Dear Reader cannot deny that I have a lot to do and a lot I ought to be doing! So I hang my head with the fact that making my bed is my big accomplishment here today.

No wait, the big accomplishment was getting out of the bed in order to make it! Curses on the lap top. I can write and do research from any where, and one of my favorite "any where's" is my comfy cushy bed. I tried making up a rule that the lap top was not "allowed" in the bedroom and each time I make that "rule" I get sick. Hmmm. I see that as a clear sign that the "no lap top in the bedroom" rule is a down right violation of some sort of natural law.

There is no tv in our bedrooms, my bedroom is far from the kitchen, a good room for me to be far from, I face a blue wall, Dirt says that is the color of creativity certainly that was permission from him to write from my bed doncha think?

I have one hour to do fifty zillion things. Oh, that is just not reasonable so I will do one thing, wash my hair so I can go to our friends house for dinner and fellowship. Crumb, I forgot to wash my jeans, aaargh what to wear?

Dear Reader, I hope someone has made you a lovely dinner and that you find yourself in some stimulating conversations about God and His glory and being citizens of His Kingdom. I know Dirt and I are blessed with that this evening.


KathyB. said...

Ha ha! I think I might hire you for that rationalizing job...I could use some rationalizing around here.My back is not cooperating and I still keep doing stuff I ought not to, so Lanny, cup of tea in trade for the job?

Sometimes you just really NEED to rest and recuperate and maybe your family NEEDS you to do that too! So, happy and guilt free R & R to you.

Karen said...

Lanny, I picture your place there in Washington as so beautiful and peaceful. My Dad was stationed in Washington during WWII and often talked about the beautiful scenery. I enjoy reading your blogs.

LindaSueBuhl said...

My goodness - did you take a breath while 'fessing up all that? Do you have a chores list up on the wall so you can check OFF the things as they are done? I use the laptop upstairs in our family room - unfortunately we do have a TV in the bedroom - comes from years of having dear MIL upstairs and us down here watching our news or whatever before bed.
I'm sure you were lovely company at fellowship and need to back off the guilt thing - shame and guilt are really NOT good motivators. Fun and love -now THOSE are some motivators for a gal!

Cliff said...

I would say you're not very good at rationalizing if you make a bed you're going to mess up the next night again.
The creativity in bed deal is okay too.

Anonymous said...

I make promises to myself to keep away from the laptop in order to clean house, work in the yard etc. BUT whenever I sit to take a break, inevitably one of our 3 pets cuddles up in my lap and I feel like, WELL, I might as well look at the laptop since I'm holding the pet anyway!

julie king said...

this is my first visit to your blog from views from a green barn. i love that you call your husband dirt. my maiden name is farmer and my dad used to joke that he always wanted to name one of my brothers dirt -- dirt farmer!!! hee hee

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Ok, so it's my pale yellow bedroom walls that are crampin' my creativity?! Works for me! I've learned how to shift blame just like a politician. [snort]

Hope your ewe's are all well today. Let Anna take over as much as possible. You need to rest and get better. [sending smiles across the miles] ♥ ∞