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Friday, February 20, 2009

Updates and Reprieves...For Some.

More bottles were purchased today when Anna went to town. Why, why should she need more bottles?

Because she wishes for bottle lambs each year and each year she gets one maybe two, a few years back she didn't have any, but this year she has six!
Bottle lambs are called bummer lambs, it is where the sixties' dope smokin' flower children got their saying of, "Oh, man, that's a bummer."

But Anna doesn't consider it a bummer. Anna loves babies so much she is willing to take them in animal form. Last year one of her two bottle lambs was in such bad shape that Dr. Dale (a real Dr.) gave her an IV bag and showed her how to get her a little dextrose sub q. Nurse Anna had the IV bag hanging from a nail by the woodstove it looked like a make shift MASH unit for a while. But she got that pathetic thing up and around in no time and now she is one of this year's largest yearlings.

This morning's orphans are quite small, little itty bitty things, (which is one reason that the prolapse clearly was a hereditary thing, not a giant baby won't come out thing). Which by the way was our first post partum prolapse, the pregnancy prolapses are so much easier to deal with because it is just a little bit of tissue you have to shove in and take a little stitch to hold it.
Another by the way, by the way, my goats never prolapsed. I miss my goats.
Now for the reprieves.

Purr Bobb, the tile hockey player, put on his mean eyes, got down to business and was seen catching two mice.
The first one we are not sure was dispatched to mice heaven, or hell as the case may be, because he was only seen playing with it.
But the second one he definitely polished off because....

Songbreeze Swifteye was trying her best to assist him in his catch so when he did finally have a good grasp on it he kilt it straight away so that Swift could not get it and take credit for the bounty.
Alright the two of you may have a few kibbles but don't go getting all crazy with thinking you're the greatest. That was only two.
Oh, by the way for those inquiring minds.... Dirt sets lots of traps indoors for the little vermin (luckily we do not have rats yet). He actually ties the meat to the little trigger and sometimes when the population is on the rise he will just get sat down when we hear, "snap." That will go on for about four times and then they start spacing themselves farther apart. We notice that they, the mice clan, send the little guys up first and it isn't until they are just about at an hour interval that they are big and sleek.
You know Kathy, if I moved to that high rise condo I think that the bears and cougars would just follow and the vermin would be there to greet me into my new home! So I might as well stay.
Hey have a great weekend Dear Reader and remember that yes, things do happen for a reason, mostly because we live in a fallen world at the moment. But God is good and gracious and we have hope for eternity that others do not and A Way for handling the here and now as well. We ought to be urgently living in His will for His glory and for the souls that are perishing.


Mildred said...

So sorry about the ewe. I'm glad Anna enjoys the bottle babies and I'm glad to see part of the MICE PATROL is back from vacation and getting serious about trimming the mice population!!! Feel better today - I will post a special recipe for you later today.

LindaSueBuhl said...

I'm such a bad animal husbandry person - my poor bottle boys drink from a rinsed out coca cola 16 ounce bottle. Bottle babies are fun for oh - the first month - then next month is a chore and after that - they start getting more water in every bottle! They are the sweetest babies though - absolutely convinced I am the Mama.Glad the dog and cat stepped up and did some work - our dog is busy proving the law of gravity at the moment (on the floor in the sunshine) - yep - things still don't float off into space - good dog!

Marla said...

After the lecture you gave to your animal clan at least two of them got busy looking for mice! I can see they step right up and listen to you, Ha!!

Miss Linda said...

I just loved reading about the adventures of your mice-catching pets! If a mouse ever invaded my third-floor apartment, my indolent cats and I would all be dancing on
the table squealing in horror!

Thank you so very much for your gracious comments about the fabric I bought. I am so excited and have already started cutting out fabric for a new blouse!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

We usually get around 5 orphans too, needy little beggars that they are. They are work and money and we would much rather not have them. But I have to admit, bottle feeding a lamb is pretty cute.

CJ xx

Susie said...

I'm glad to hear you got those animals back to work!

Shellmo said...

That bottle baby in the 1st photo is adorable! I wouldn't mine taking care of one! Sounds like your kitty is a good mouser. I believe my cat just plays w/ them and sets them loose again. (We have a couple in the cabin we're trying to catch - I resorted to glue traps.)

Shelia said...

Hi Lanny! It's so nice to meet you! Oh, I'm so glad I have company in the way I eat orange slices! We're funny, huh?
Oh, I love it that you have little baby lambs! I know nothing about little farm animals but certainly get a thrill seeing the babies!
Hope you will come back to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Daisy said...

Good luck with the bottle babies. Hope it goes well. Love the pictures of Purr Bob and Swifteye. Hope things are looking a bit brighter by now.

KathyB. said...

Are you sure Purr Bob's "mean eye" wasn't because he was sizing up bummer lambs and deciding which one to take down?

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I guess that crackin' the whip and making threats of no food worked on that motley 'crew' of yours. Looks like they're finally down to serious mousing! Tough Love works. :o)

Anna sounds like a wonderful, caring person (now, where do you think she learned to be like that?!? tee hee). I'll bet she will be a first class Vet some day. ♥ ∞