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Monday, May 5, 2008

Be a Total Killer or Not At All

You know sometimes I'm just not sure who I am. Like today, I had finally had it with the weeds in the driveway. Driveways should either look like a country lane or be impeccably free of weeds. Even though I live on a farm and my driveway is pretty long it will never be a country lane, five eights gravel will never look like a country lane. But that is a whole different subject and my husband says five eights so five eights it is. I just have to deal with what bugs me and attempt to remove the weeds.

Now mind you I do not try to weed the entire driveway. That would be ridiculous. I just want the stuff up by the house weed free. My garden isn't even weed free but the driveway must be because it is a weed free look - five eights and all. So that said, let me get to my confusion and my question, who am I?

I don't usually load up a sprayer and go around spraying everything in sight. For the most part what comes out of the end of my sprayer is what my husband would refer to as my hippie-veggie concoctions. A little pulverized tomato leaf goes a long way when you are dealing with black spot and garlic will send the aphids to the neighbors a half mile away. But the driveway weeds have never responded to my oldest daughters famed vinegar weed-killing solution.

I have succumbed in the past to using a little Round-Up. I used to distain the use of it till a hippie-type chemistry guy assured me that once the Round-Up hits the ground it is nothing that "ain't natural". Around here the weeds and grass will climb up over your face and suffocate you in your sleep if your not careful. So, in non-garden or non-pasture areas that need to be weed free I have on occasion in the past used a little Round-Up. Trust me I only use it sparingly and only a few time a year. Granted I do sit down while on the phone and gab and pull driveway weeds a few times on top of the spraying but those are usually the crafty ones that hold their breath when the RU comes around. So honest, just once or twice maybe three times in a good/bad year.

But then that is where my dilemma comes in. Call me paranoid but I like to keep the weed killing stuff in a totally separate sprayer from my hippie-veggie stuff But then that means that I have a sprayer that I use infrequently. Which wasn't too bad an idea until it did the typical modern plastic thing and broke. It didn't really out and out right break, it is just that the rinky-dink gasket it came with finally got to rinky-dink to do its job. Granted I did not spend a good deal of money on this sprayer but it wasn't for free either and now I am faced with buying another one cause I just don't see the hardware store having replacement parts for rinky-dink sprayers.

But who am I and should I be buying a better sprayer for killing when I am just and occasional killer?

You know what I dream of when I have to spray my fruit trees (all organic good stuff)? To have a commercial sprayer that I could hook up to a pressure sprayer. That would be nice. I'm getting old, that whole pump thing can really get me. Okay who am I kidding I never liked having to pressurize that stupid little two gallon bottle that is just going to go dead again, all too soon. So maybe I should just become an out right killing machine and by the super max 550 automatic sprayer that sprays 500 feet and just get it over with.

"Everybody gets dead, it was just his time"

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