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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ah, the kittens shan't be left out of the whole crazy "we're on the blog thing," the puppies are such braggers. So I've given them their very own post so that they do not need to feel slighted in the least. We have three different litters and in keeping with old farm tradition none of our mommy cats ever have more than just a few, so that all totaled we have just the right amount but with great variations.

Zillah, short for Tahzillah, has three young ones. She is our resident long haired momma yet only two of hers are looking long haired and one is looking quite shortish.

Paisley has three young ones two boys and one girl, the boys are sporting stubby tails and the girl is a lovely tabby with a full tail.

And then of course most recent are Pippi's lovely two little creatures. One certainly needs to grow up with the name "Smokey"
For as much as they complained about not being on the blog they sure are not cooperative when it comes to picture time!

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