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Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Can I Say But I Am Sorry?

A day in town. I do not like a day in town. I don't mind dressing up, doing hair and make-up, I do so little it matters little. I have a difficult time retaining my composure in town and today I lost it. I love my mom. She was a lovely person but she could embarrass the heck out of me by being kinda demanding and snarky to clerks etc. Well I stood right there in my bank and channeled her.

The frustrating thing is that my husband always does, at the branch by his work, what I was asking the teller at the branch I was at to do. She couldn't. Clearly you get better service at a bank if your a man. That is what I said to her as I folded up the checks made out to my two minor daughters by our landlord and headed for the door, instead of allowing her to deposit only one of them and not the other because the fourteen year old daughter doesn't happen to have ID. You must be kidding. We have banked at this bank for nearly 28 years at the very least 25. I go to this branch several times a year over the last 10 at the very least and probably 15. I recognized the teller immediately as one who has been at that branch since it was just a mobile home up the street. If I could recognize her, can't she recognize me?

Drove to my husband's branch. Walked up to the first teller, she smiled and was engaging, and quickly went to work depositing the checks, not even bothering with the ID my older daughter had out in her hand. We chuckled about a few thing about my husband had a lovely exchange and got our business done. I have been in that branch maybe four times in the last six or seven years with my husband and maybe three times without him. I did not remember her but she remembered me and the husband I belonged to. She was lovely. I'm pretty sure her name is Annette. Annette, I will be back and I will not go back to the other branch where I thought they knew me.

But I am sorry that I got snarky with the other teller. I usually do not do that. I gotta not ever do that again cause it so did not feel good at any point. By the time I hit the car I felt horrible.

Did I mention I don't like going into town?

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