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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Identity Saved, Patch Tilled

Dirt is wonderful! The best thing that I have after God. I'm not talking about the stuff I till and plant in. I am talking about my wonderful husband. He came by that nickname because his given name is Phil and he had a t-ball coach that would say, "hey, I saw you on a wanted sign. It said 'fill dirt wanted'." Phil then became "Dirt". It is the main reason the title of this blog is 'It's the Dirt'. God truly sent him into my life to show me what God is all about and turn my silly, rebellious, mistrustful rear around. But that is another post not this one.

This one is about how wonderful he is. I am about to abandon him to help a friend take her married daughter back home to San Diego. It will take a week. I have already abandoned him during this whole "Romantic Influenza" thing for a week or more. I haven't cooked, I have barely kept up with minor cleaning and the garden has got little more than a few deadheading walks. I am so far behind it is crazy.

But I can cross off part of one of my to dos for May. The pumpkin patch has been tilled! He is such a sweetie. I am very grateful for it getting done because I don't know how I am going to fit everything in one week before I head off to California. So I am not sad for his doing it even though I do love out go out to the patch with our 1950 Allis Chalmers tractor and go up and down and up and down the beds. Our good friend, and our daughter's father-in- law, Rick, was kind enough to loan us his PTO tiller and it fit the back of our Allis just right. I do so like the aesthetics of tilling a pumpkin patch with a big orange tractor.

I no longer need to get the Super Spray Max 550 and become a killing machine. Dirt has saved me from another identity crisis. He some how worked his magic on the lame-o gasket and it fit, stayed right where I had tried for an hour to get it to stay. How does he do that? But that's why I married him. Well I'm not really sure I knew at the moment of marriage that was one of the things I would appreciate about him and would add to my respect for him but it is now. Dirt can fix anything. Young unmarried ladies ought to pray that their future husbands be given the gift of fix-it.

Can't leave you with that ugly image of my weeds another day, so here is my latest accomplishment in bloom. I can't recall right now what the pansies are but the tulips are "Princess Irene". They are supposed to be fragrant but with my sinuses recovering still from the "Romantic Influenza" I cannot tell you for certain that they are. I have been wanting to grow these for a few years ever since I saw them in a catalog of heritage bulbs. I finally went for it this fall and feel very rewarded. I don't usually go for such a bold look in a spring flower but I am glad I did, what a treat.

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lanepajane said...

I love the pics of your beautiful tulips! They happen to be my favorite flower, so seeing them on here immediately cheered me up a bit.

We don't know each other (at least I don't think so), but you commented on my blog and I wanted to express my gratitude. You said some really nice things, things I needed to hear at this particular moment in time... so thank you. I'm curious how you found me.