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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Memories Of Our Trip

First let me just say that a long hard trip is made better by the company.

I told a little about the trip already when I had access to the Internet via Motel 6 and $2.99. But please, allow me some redundancies.

The first day included a trip to Hulda Klager's lilac gardens in Woodland, WA. The gift shop was closed which was a good thing, the house was closed which was a disappointment but really with a toddler and only a few minutes for a timely sashay through the garden it was a blessing in disguise. I always have a hard time making the wise choice and so when it is made for me it is always good. You really should go and see them next year in early to mid May. Check out the pictures on the post titled "Smell That"

Brownsville, we did not see much of the town, but their lovely park was right along a nice river, the Calapooia River.

Our next stop was dinner in Medford, Rosario's, what a great place! The proprietor, who greeted us, knowingly took us out to the patio, for our sake and his I am sure!
This was the lovely little yard area attached to the covered patio which made the fantastic dinner even more enjoyable. See the link for their menu.

Then on to Weed CA and our first night at Motel 6 which was a very nice pit stop. Gotta remember Motel 6 more often, great for a place to shower and sleep. Bet says we have to go back there soon because she forgot to take pictures.

The next day we traveled through the San Joaquin Valley which was much like traveling through my beloved eastern Washington, with palm trees.
By the third day on the road we, the over 2 year old gang, were semi burned out on traveling, the goal being so close all we could think was, "keep driving."

So the cameras didn't come out except to take a picture of the toddler who had finally resigned himself to the fate of the car seat and was now enjoying the trip.

No pictures of Suessian purple trees, that I came to learn from my tree friend back at home are Jacaranda, no pictures of so many interesting things and plants and "what-the-heck-are-they-growing-theres" that we went by.

And then wa-la there we were, at Carol's home on base at Camp Pendleton. What pretty country and right outside her front door.

Of course we went down to the beach when we finished cleaning six months of settled dust off all the surfaces in her home. Now I really, personally, know why sheets are put over furniture when people shut up their homes for months.

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