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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Looking at my to do list for May as May is winding up and I don't feel half bad. As long as I do not look in the direction of some of my gardens or at the apple trees and lilacs that I felt I missed, I am doing okay and not the least ready to fall apart.
When we got home the puppies were not six feet tall as my imagination had them and the kittens were not the size of Bengal Tigers. Everyone is still quiet lovely in their appropriate smallness and just right for us to begin to find them suitable homes.
Here are some pictures of Daddy Martin and some of his delightful offspring. It is very hard to capture everyone in the viewfinder at the same time.

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Karey said...

You posted on my blog, Lanny. How did you find me? I always get curious about this cyberspace world.

May is almost gone and I'm frustrated with the weather. It's hard to get things planted when it's still snowing or so cold - but that's mountain life!

We stayed in a home for several weeks on what I call the 'shoulder' of Mt Ranier years ago when Monte was doing geology in Washington. My diary say, "I saw the sun today, for 15 minutes." Luckily it cleared when we were in Seattle and we could see the horizon of the supper tall Mtns in relation to the others. We live at 8000' where most of your mnt peaks are.