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Monday, December 15, 2008

Burrzy Wurrzy

It is a lovely frozen day out. Our temperatures are supposed to dip even farther than their current 23 (21 was the lowest last night).

I am a little worried for some of my plants, I always try to fudge on the zone thing, for gardening purposes I imagine I live in zone nine. I've done my best to cover some of the ones I could think of that were still in the garden. A lot are in under the best cover I could find. We don't have a garage garage so we will see how it goes.

And after all they are just plants and I can get new ones next spring if I bat my eyes at Dirt, maybe.

What I can't buy at the store is a day or two of watching my "little" girls skate on the big pond like my "big" girls used to all the time.

And by tomorrow if these temps keep it up the ponds will be as frozen at the water in this bucket.

Then the girls will strap on a pair of these and skate all day. I won't see hide nor hair of them unless I join them. But if it is a good skating day then it is also a good divinity making day. Both of these, good skating and good divinity making days, happen at the same time and both infrequently here in the good ol' soggy PNW. So I will make hay while the sun shines.

But I will attempt to get the candy done quickly and head out to the pond because rumor has it that my grandboys are coming out tomorrow.


A. Joy said...

Yayyyyy! The kids and I were just talking about the possibility of your girls ice skating on the flooded pasture - or pond!
Seems KN has decided ice skating lessons will be in her future. We shall grant her wishes in the form of a 'If you do your school work and piano lessons with a good attitude Christmas present.'

KathyB. said...

We had a little ice skating going on here at Cedar Pond today..brrrrrrrrr, and my fuscias were blooming just yesterday, I think they are done in.
Also, been re-thinking the sheep shearing this month, I don't have sweaters for my sheep......

LindaSueBuhl said...

Oh Lanny - sounds so idyllic and fun - love the ice skating and divinity days. About that zone thing - we all do a fantasy thing about where we actually live - I'm attempting to keep a jasmine alive by keeping it in our garage right now - It Looks Pitiful! But if one gardens one is an optimist. I mean - the Lord keeps on cultivating me and my crops are sporadic at best!

Susie said...

Oh ice skating sounds like so much fun! Outside on a frozen lake sounds wintery wonderful!

Lisa said...

we don't have ice skates but we do have a little frozen pond and slippery boots and garbage can lids to slide around on!!... that's the redneck way, i suppose!
ha ha

Melli said...

Ahhhhh! WE used to have a pond that I skated on when I was a girl! That was surely some good fun! I never had home made divinity to go home to... that would have probably made it a near perfect day! Enjoy it!