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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'd Like Sum Moor Plez, Mum.

The first day of winter and it sure looks like it!

Feeding time at Vicktory Farm and Gardens means putting several bales of our grass hay and a half of alfalfa into the tractor wagon, throwing a few helpers in the back and heading out into the pasture.

The animals are split and some of the old momma sheep and all of last spring's lambs are over

here with the horses. The horses don't mind as long as they get their own pile.

Piles for every one but the sheep still end up sharing

Well sheep share, others do not!

The rest of the flock are over in the back pasture, instead of driving through the gate farmer Dirt just flings it over the fence.

Bet is looking for a spring lamb that got mixed up with the older gals yesterday, hopefully the ram was busy staying warm. First year moms are hard enough but when they lamb right after turning a year they are near impossible to lamb without some sort of problem. So out she goes.

More please!

One last check to make sure everyone got taken care of and then off to other chores.

I went off to put out some more feed for my wild feathered friends.

They would like me to note that their suet blocks are getting small, I better pick up some more when I'm in town tomorrow.

They really go through the food when the snow stays around.

I barely get the tubes filled and hung back up before the birds start flocking. By the end of the feeding season they are so used to us the girls can stand with feed in their hands and have the wild birds land in their hand to eat.

I need to pin down the identification of this one and add it to my month's list along with the Purple Finch I saw on Wednesday. My girls are much better at identifying birds than I am, Bet is a very good birder based on their songs. It takes me a while to sort out the similar colored ones like this fellow above.
I decided to keep better track of who comes when, I will be renewing the list each month so that I have a record of when they come and go. I would like to get more specific with the food I put out depending on who arrives.

The furry and feathered friends around here would like some more feed, I would just like some more snow! More! More! Okay, I know everyone else is miserable so maybe a break but then, more more!


Ted M. Gossard said...

Lanny, We'd like to give you a foot of the snow we have here.

Nice pics to see what you folks are doing. And I like the birding and feeding them. We try to do that regularly, much more limited. Very important here, I think, with all the snow. We have the feeder, around it, too deep with snow. Hard to avoid because of where it's at. But wonderful to keep feeding the birds.

Lisa said...

we are getting more snow this morning. It had melted almost completely off from last weeks snow storm and now here it comes again! It's so beautiful when it's falling.

Mildred said...

Hi Lanny, Thanks for stopping by my blog - I recognize your name from KathyB's blog and have enjoyed looking at your blog this a.m. ALL THAT SNOW! I also enjoyed seeing you "playing" in all that snow in an earlier post. GA has had temps in the 70's until just the last two days, so I can look at your pics and dream! I'll be back to visit again. Merry Christmas!

Susie said...

That would be so neat to have wild birds eating out of my hand. How neat!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you can have my share! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Daisy said...

Lanny, I enjoyed seeing feeding time for the animals there. They are so lucky to have you and Dirt taking such good care of them. I'm sure those little birds are very grateful for what good stewards you are for them. :)