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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This House is Crowded!

"Roll over."

"I was here first."

"Well this is where I always sleep."

When I got up this morning and stumbled into the kitchen where Dirt was making himself a sandwich. I heard the giggle of Anna's doves. They came inside the night before only to go out briefly yesterday to fly in their aviary. The quail seem to handle the cold better than the doves. Which is a good thing, I am not sure I am up to eight hyper quail (work that into the Twelve Days of Christmas) in my house. The doves will be in on my Cook's porch until the weather returns to normal.

Patty, the Border Collie with no hair, is another refuge from outside. Just to cold for a girl with hair issues.

The rat terrier girls are none to happy with this situation, the whole "Border Collie inside" thing is bad enough but...

way more cats than usual were in for the tonight and most likely all of today and tomorrow and...

hopefully Purr Bobb and Winter (above) will get their issues worked out. There was quite a ruckus this morning over this clearly superior place to sleep, if you're a cat that is.

The kittens seem to be the only ones not having their sleeping arrangements challenged.

The two old gals have long since given up fighting over sleeping spots and have decided that sharing a space is the warmer softer thing to do.

Although I'm not sure how squeezing yourself into this tiny basket can be anything remotely comfortable, Moose has always insisted on sleeping in the impossible places.

Not momma Pippy, she'll take whatever comfy wide open place she can get as long as she doesn't have to be in with her crazy children any longer than she has to.

Stephanie is wondering what all we had for company under the house. I'd rather not think about that it was bad enough last night when Anna was thinking that she needed to bring Macey the Mouse in! On that, I drew the line, a very large heavy black line!
Well it took from six am to nearly one o'clock in the afternoon to get this written up. I have at least one project going in each room of my house and as many as three!
Now that Steph is here with the boys we are going over to watch the children skate (and maybe do a little ourselves) and then make divinity while the making is good.
Hope your Advent day is going well dear reader!


Susie said...

Okay, I love all those animals especially the kitties(big and little). I wish my honey was allergic to kitties I would have a house full. Thanks for sharing your pics Lanny.

LindaSueBuhl said...

Wow - looks like you need an additional heated porch just for the critters! I don't blame them - sudden cold weather makes me want to hunker down someplace too. You keep talking about that divinity - it sounds so good. Advent is a wonderful season of the heart

KathyB. said...

Your post reminds me of a children's book called "The Napping House", where the animals and people all strive for the best napping spot..I just love the kittens. I want a kitten, but J.B. thinks three cats keeping us company on then couch are plenty. As I type , Joey cat is sitting near the computer watching over me and enjoying your cat pictures I am sure.

Anonymous said... gave me a good chuckle this morning!

what a house full! keep warm.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

How precious each and every pet looks. I just love the kittens all together where one cannot tell where one kitten ends and the other begins. Such a happy bunch of critters. Blessings, Kathleen