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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Girls Posting

EBet has posted a note for you about the special day today. Please go see it at Paddle_In_The_Pond. Anna is about to post her first, it may take a minute so if you're here right now give her a sec or two otherwise pop over to Terriers_and_Tabbies,
Have a great day tomorrow and remember our brave and dedicated service people who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. Pray for those serving now.

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Marla said...

Hi Lanny,

I am feeling so bad that I did not post about the award that you give me. Call me stupid but I can't figure it out. I am in a bit of a slum lately. I seem a bit overwhelmed with the new job, the holidays. I don't know just Pete not being hear is heavy on my heart and I find my self very weepy here at home. I appreciate the award that you gave me and am feeling guilty about not getting it posted. Hope your hoiday preparations are going good!