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Monday, December 1, 2008

Prize Inside!

I was not the person who succumbed to the marketing ploy this time but I sure was tickled to see it come home.
A big sack of Purina Puppy Chow

with the promise of a limited edition ornament.
They shouldn't tell what the prize inside is, knowing that it is this picture, an ornament that is a blatant product promotion, doesn't really thrill me.
But a promise of a free sumpin is still worth getting sorta 'cited.
But Bet said there wasn't nuthin in the ol' bag after all. Well that can't be true, 'cuz that would be false advertizment, lyin'.
Lemme look.
Duz you know how much Puppy Chow stinks? I mean it is the most awfulest smellin' stuff I ever did smell. And I've smelt some pretty smelly stuff. At least it's awful smellin' for feeding it to some body on purpose, even if it were and ol' pup.
Well, I'm gunna call that Purina company and tell 'em I was fooled and there weren't nuthin' in my bag liken they promised there would be. Jist as soon as I kin get rid of this here funny voice in my head. But rit now it jist seems a gitten worser and worser. Dang prize inside anyways.

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Melli said...

LOL! Ohhhhhh my! When my kids were small we bought every box of cereal that had sumpin' free inside -- and not only that! We collected all the soup labels and the box tops and the UPCs to send away for all the FREE sumpin's that were being offered too! It was great! I admit it! My kids LOVED to get mail -- and free stuff was FREE stuff! LOL! Yea... I think you got jipped...