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Friday, December 19, 2008

Squeeky Snow

Our Snowman welcomes you back to our continuing Snowfest.

Yes, this is even after it snowed some more, but remember, this is a hayfield on a hill so what snow didn't blow off got lost in the hay stubble. But we have enough for a good sledding day. In the PNW lowlands you take what you get and get out and have fun.

The bummer of taking a spill. And no one seems to care.

Trudging up the hill again. The beauty of a short down hill run is the short up hill climb.

Michelle, my second oldest, came out to play with us while her husband was working, even though she was not feeling her best and had shopping left to do, you make hay while the sun shines and you sled while the snow lies.

And Bet generously gave up her snow pants and is toughing it out in jeans, luckily today the snow isn't the typical soggy PNW snow we usually have. (Right now it is squeeky like unaged cheese.)

Anna tries the whole upright thing and is getting it pretty quick.

Sometimes it is fun to go down the old fashioned way, cross legged, on a saucer, backwards.

But now Bet has grabbed the sled and trudges back up the hill.

And back up the hill.

And back up the hill.

To go back down the hill.

But then someone swipes the sled back again and you're left with the saucer.

Chelle really got into the whole stand on the sled thing.
But then she got distracted by Fluffy trekking across the not so solid pond.

We all watched and held our breath as our favorite "bear" crossed the pond.

Wilford's younger brother is not into oatmeal, (note what he is holding).

But Dear Reader, I know what your sitting around patiently waiting for...

More spills and shenanigans by Lanny!

The girls could do the whole "stand up pretend you're a snow boarder" thing, so I think I can to!

And I did pretty stinking good, if I may say so myself!

Not only did I stay up, I acquired a little finesse too.

Well sometimes. Other times I found myself in various positions not on the sled.

But it is all good and too much fun. Unfortunately, I did have to head back to the farmhouse to deal with my frozen fuchsias, I'll tell you all about them in another blog, (when I'm sick of playing and writing about the snow, but then that might be when I move to North Dakota and live there for ten years!)

I had so much fun that even when I was moving plants around in the laundry house, did a few loads of laundry, I just couldn't resist. The untouched snow in the backyard called me...
and I succumbed to the snow angel in me.
What do you think? Falling backwards in skinny snow was a little scary considering my age, but I counted to three and let go. Yes, the landing was a little hard but not as hard as I thought it was going to be, or maybe the thrill of making the perfect snow angel took the pain away!
My girls spied me from the dining room and the look on their faces told me they thought I was slightly insane. I was in my shirt sleeves, had just dashed from the laundry house in the middle of working on the plants and laundry, carefully walked backwards into the middle of the backyard and fell straight back.
After I bounced back up from creating the perfect snow angel, I ran in and upstairs and took the pic from my second story window.
I love it when it snows! The twenty degree weather is tough on my garden, I seem to be cleaning up snow issues constantly, but oh well! I love it when it snows and freezes!

Thanks for stopping by and indulging me in my Snowfest.
Dear reader, I hope you cut loose today and fell backwards into your world!


NaNcY said...

thanks lanny! :-)

i love your snow angel!

A. Joy said...

I believe I said to my family last night " Why haven't we ever bought a sled?" We tried the garbage can lid thing - it didn't work too well. I'm sure we'll come up with something right about when the snow melts!

Daisy said...

What a joyful post, Lanny! I love your snowman and your snow angel. You are so brave to do the standing up thing on the sled. I am not brave enough to do that. I would definitely be sitting down---not as far to fall off that way! I'm glad to see you having such a good time with your family. You have a lovely smile, by the way. :D

Cliff said...

Great stuff here Lanny. Yes, I'll admit I was waiting for a spill from you and so nice of you not to disapoint.
We're supposed to be down to a -16 tomorrow night. That'll slow up things a bit.

KathyB. said...

Snow days are fun days, and leave you cold and wanting more. Funny snowman! You appear to have survived the 'BIG STORM' too. The weathermen and women , all of them, were either very, very wrong about the projected weather, or God intervened and answered our prayers that the storm pass over us.

Either way, I too am enjoying this weather and the beauty of it, but from indoors!