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Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Christmas Season Traditions

Tipper from Blind Pig and the Acorn has greatly enhanced my twelve days of Christmas with the idea of "Breaking Up Christmas."

I found a lovely YouTube clip of a song with the name of the tradition she spoke of.

I love the idea of singing and dancing my way to the end of the season.

A bit more about the third day of Christmas. While out pruning today, I began to wonder about the three french hens. (All pretty simple stuff really, pruning in the cold rain took some energy of its own.) I was using my orchard ladder which of course is a three legged ladder, two hold the steps up and the other is the brace. The beauty of using a three legged ladder is the same as any other tripod, because it is three points it will always be steady, as three points can always find a common plane. Always stable no matter what.

But Dear Reader, you know what I realized? That the Triune God was the first tripod, the original tripod. When we use the Trinity as our ladder no matter how uneven the ground we will always find a common plane on which to stand steady.

I thought of many of the threes in the spiritual life. Many "three french hens," the first of which is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost!


Daisy said...

Nothing like a good fiddle and banjo tune to get your toes tapping! :D

The Holy Trinity is definitely a solid foundation on which to build your faith, Lanny. I hope you have a peaceful and joyful Sunday in continuing the celebration of the Christmas season.

NaNcY said...

the flippen gang music was very enjoyable!