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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All Done With Christmas, Have a Blessed Epiphany Day Today

Well the first of fourteen loads of dishes are in the dishwasher, my tea is hot and I need to sit already so I will tell you all about our Twelfth Night Party we had last night here at Vicktory Farm and Gardens.

My Christmas Kitty, still not really named, and I spent the better part of yesterday like this. She read the paper, I read the stack of seed catalogs at the top of the picture, and also did some dorking on the computer. But for the most part we were lazy lazy lazy.

Until I heard some cute little voices. This is Aksel. Have you met him before? He is the youngest of my oldest. If you read about ice skating on the pasture pond here at Vicktory Farm and Garden he was the one who had issues and just laid down on the ice. He may look like our Nordic Boy but he sure likes to be warm and dry.

Since it is Three Kings Day and we will be singing We Three Kings From Orient Are, we will be eating oriental food, or at least the best facsimile the Vick Chicks can come up with. So, what did you bring with you?

Oh, the Chow Mien looks tasty. I think we can work with that,

Look what I made, Orange Chicken. I worked so hard, cutting the chicken, breading it, frying it making the orange sau..... Oh wait, I already told you CK and I napped all day. Your right Costco and Dirt made this.

There is still more to do. But what is this pow wow over?
The third batch of white rice? You must be joking? And you girls think I'm the perfectionist!? Poor Bet, she just cannot get the knack of cooking white rice. It is a mind boggler you know, boil water, put in the rice, cook it... Better get with it girl, you can't eat pie and beautiful breads forever, or can you?

Now the kitchen is really crowded. Eric? What are you doing in here? Why aren't you out with Dirt and me watching the Longhorns gore the whatevers? Hey, at least I know they are playing Ohio!
Dinner was great, no fancy table setting just grab a plate grab some food and find a chair, preferably not my end of the couch thanks.

Ah the Red Velvet cake has arrived, and is getting preped. It sure looks red this year!

You know I do have larger cake plates girls. But yes the colors are pretty together so I will say no more. Except, yum, hurry up!

Now that is nice. Hey that non-nut eating Eric isn't getting that whole other half is he?

Oooh, very pretty and very tasty, lets just leave it in here and not tell that living room crew, they won't notice.

They are being entertained by Aksel being entertained. He has found Lanny's lamp and how it turns on.

and off on one side. Or both sides and it does it fast or slow or together...

or separate.

Hey, I think Aksel hears cake being served. Now that might distract him from Lanny's lamp!

"Hey dad, you got some cake and ice cream!"

"I'm thinking I need some!" Well the game was good, even though Dirt is grumpy that Colt McCoy received some award after the game and not his receiver. Dirt is picky, he likes credit to go to the very right place and not just the typical "oh we won, give the Quarterback the award!"
The girls and Aksel sure had a lot of fun in the dining room. It was very loud. But that is all I am going to say, Anna will tell you all about it when she gets done doing all the dishes today!
My goodness my girls can use a lot of dishes. We all enjoyed the food but there were several votes to marry someone off to a nice Asian Chef, okay he doesn't have to be a chef but cooking skills in his native dishes will be a must because no matter how we NE's (N-northern E- European) try we cannot achieve an above adequate Three Kings Feast. I'm think the interview process will just be a lovely meal cooked by the applicant. (After cleaning up this morning I am sure that this is God's will for the girls. How many pots can you use? Oh yah, that's right, three just for the rice! )
It was a very good night after all even though it got off on a bad foot when Dirt got home. Minus most all of the things I needed for my Ol' Befana lay out!
Oh well, there is always next year and many more holidays and feast days before that. Christmas Kitty says it is time to wash up and go to bed. How 'bout we skip the dishes tonight CK? Sounds good!


Melli said...

THAT little man is just adorable! I bet a handful too! Sounds like you guys had a fabulous Twelfth Night! I was out celebrating with my Monday night Bible study group! We had fun too!

Maybe the kitty should be named King?

Tipper said...

Looks like you all had a ton of fun! A very neat celebration!

KathyB. said...

Aksel is just too cute, and he is already fascinated by gadgets. The kitten , I want that little kitten, she is a beauty! Glad I get to visit her.

what a fun family celebration of Three Kings Day, and yes, being someone who is related to at least 2 very good Asian foods cooks, it is wonderfully delicious to go to their events or have them bring food to parties and home church...

I am just beginning to take down the Christmas decorations, and have dedicated this and next week to organizing things around here too.Glad you're feeling a little better.

Anonymous said...

Happy that you are feeling better. Aksel is a handsome little fellow and I love the kitty. What a sweetheart? Does kitty let you sneeze?

LindaSueBuhl said...

well YUM - I'd say you are making a good case for arranged marriages if you need Asian and chef. Red velvet cake is wonderful - I'll forever have a mental image of the scene in Steel Magnolias where it was a groom's cake. Sounds like a glad time was had by all - loverly kitty and most charming grandson

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Hi Lanny! What a lovely tradition ~ good food and family ~ life at it sweetest!

Now I am just in love with that kitty. We have a short hair with the same coloring whose name is Twigs.


Lisa said...

maybe a good name for Christmas Kitty would be Noel.
that red velvet cake looks yummy!

Susie said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful family gathering. Aksel is adorable!

That cake may have been very red but it looked very delicious! Yummie!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Your kitty and little one are both precious. It sounds like you know how to have so much good fun! The food looks delicious. Blessins, Kathleen

Marla said...

Your grandson is so cute. It sure looks like you had a good time at your gathering. I love red cake!! I love chinese! I would have fit right in at your house!

Daisy said...

Lanny, I love posts like these about your family. Your sense of humor just shines through (as does the love you feel for your family). That little cat is so sweet--calicos are my favorite. And your grandson is the champion of cute! I'd ask you to save me a piece of that cake, but I bet it is already gone by now! :D Have a great weekend!

A. Joy said...

Lanny, I really enjoyed this post and after reading it I told my sister in law to check it out after reading her post on the Korean soup she made. She too enjoyed reading your post on Three Kings Day and said their Grandma ( Tom's ) celebrates Three Kings Day every year. You can see Tom's sister's blog linked on ours " Kiss of Pikake."

Nancy M. said...

Aksel is gorgeous! Your kitty is cute too! I like your blog.