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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

They Got Our Numbers, Well Dirt And Bet's That Is

Anna and I still appear to be flying under the radar.

But "they" know all about Dirt and EBet. Each received age appropriate mail today.

Well at least I hope that Dirt's mail was age prompted and not caused by a trip to the doctor or a EMT visit at school to revive him that I was unaware of,

because this is what Dirt received in the mail today. Now which would you rather be greeted with, a bold brazen reminder of your immortality or a bill to remind you of your past misplaced optimism in your personal economy?

But then again it could be because I went to the "nearly emergency room" nearly dying this last week, after all it is addressed to Dirt but it is for him to get us both ready to be planted or roasted. And because I always seem to end up making it all about me, I'll just leap there right now. It was for me!

But the cemetery ain't got reason to come for me this week. And Dirt's too busy to be bothered with kickin' the bucket, this week anyways, so we'll just ignore their good advice to "prepare" for the inevitable. I think we'll just wait till it happens. After all, what else would he or I have to do when the other of us pops off?

What did my Bet girl get you ask?

A little reminder that even though she has never set foot in a public school or private school as a student, our government knows she is out there, and they want to want her. Just fill out the form and if you don't have asthma they wanna talk.

Aww, I'd gladly give a child to the military, if I had a boy child. I just think it is funny that young people have to register, clearly they know she is here and how old she is.

But what did Bettikins do with her calendar? She leafed through it a little. I'm wondering if perhaps it will be a reminder to her that we here at home have a roll to play in it. Her momma is learning to be a better wife this last week so that her husband can go fight the good fight on the battle field that God has called him to. I wonder if she was looking at the calendar and in amongst noting the special days they show, she was wondering how to be supportive to those who serve us so well.

Well I've gotta go, love to stay and chat some more but my mind is still struggling to stay focused on any one thing to long. Last day of the drugs today. Hope their out of my system soon but mostly hoping this naggy cough heals up so I don't go down this psychotic episode road again. I've got some supplements and tomorrow is the day I get myself back into reporting in at the Sheet Diet. See you there or here.

God has us in the palm of his hand, Dear Reader, sink in and feel his hold on you today, I know I have and it feels ... indescribable. Nothing, Nothing, can remove me from Him.


Sit A Spell said...

Just popped in to say "hello"

LindaSueBuhl said...

So Dirt needs information about a prepaid funeral and Bet is thinking Go Army? Are we talking future plans or gift certificates?? inquiring minds and all that! LOL - you tickle the funny bone Miz Lanny.

LindaSueBuhl said...

OK I commented too soon - when you hadn't finished the post - so my comments sounded even goofier than necessary. my verification word for this time is unbird - what is an un bird? all that which is not a bird?

KathyB. said...

I like your 'planted or roasted' line. And hey, about our last fair days' conversation on the phrase " kick the bucket', I still think my idea of origination is the best!

With the bright sunshine we had today I was almost tempted to start gardening, ALMOST ! I thought of you and wondered if you had succumbed to the sunshine and DID begin.You just know if you do we'll be having another frost very soon!

Ralph said...

Got that same mailing a week or so ago. Hated it.

Susie said...

Lanny I hope you are feeling much better. I just finished a round of that Prednisone myself. Hated it. Glad you are finishing with yours.

Marla said...

I hope that you get to feeling better and can get off your drugs. I get the funeral planning stuff all the time. I did buy two plots when I had to bury my husband, so I guess I have that taken care of. Pete is buried next to his dad, and I have the one next to him. I just said to the cemetary guy, make sure Pete is next to his dad and me on the other side, with a new neighbor next to me! It's weird picking out a plot for yourself!!

Cliff said...

That drug was my most unfavorite in my past epic battle with cancer. It made it so I was unhappy doing what ever it was I happened to be doing at the time. You know..standing I HAD to sit down...when sitting I had to lay down...when laying down I absolutely HAD to get up. All of that, and I looked great with no hair and a swelled up neck.