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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey Thanks

(This will only make sense if you scroll down and read the ''next" post first, which really is the first post, you know the drill)

Linda Sue and Lisa have made me think I shoulda had L for a letter! Thank ladies.

Linda Sue you read me like an open book. You gotta know I love Witness. I dislike the idea of a private relationship with God, we can only do "this thing" from the inside of the Body of Christ, which is us, and "us" is not one person and God, all alone.

I am strengthened beyond measure by Jesus Christ and he uses his Body to strengthen me! Through pray and recitation of the word of course but, praise God alleluia, big time through witness. We do have an enormous cloud of witness. And I am thankful for everyone, past and present, far away and local.

Lisa my dear, I will tackle yours when I get back from the doctor. Gotta go start the process of testing now that they know my symptoms_are_real. Yes, I know it has been quite a while since doing the "symptoms, are they real or imagined? test" timing is not my forte.

Thanks again. (I'm thinking wonder might work too, we'll see and "enormous" does not have enough letters in it for being enormous.)

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