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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Comic Interlude

The girls and I went to a movie this afternoon.

A rare occurrence indeed for us.

It was a good laugh, right off at the start. It dwindled a little towards the end. (I think they forgot that they were making a comedy)

What movie?, "New In Town."

Got a few extra bucks? Go see it and have a good chuckle. I was snorting into the hood of my jacket with in the first moments of the movie.

But I must say Harry Conick Junior is not holding up too well.

Well, Dear Reader, I'm catching up to the part in my audio book, The Mill on the Floss, by George Elliot, where I left off last, so I'm going to go without much ado. Just wanted to pop on and tell you to go have a good chuckle.

A good chuckle and no skin. How nice well worth a few bucks.


Ted M. Gossard said...

uh, that sounds like one Deb and I might like.

Marla said...

I never go to the movies. I haven't been to one since my kids were young. What a boring person I am!