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Monday, January 5, 2009

Holidays and Football; Even Holidays Mosta Ya Ain't Hearda.

Way to go Longhorns!
Although Ohio did have a great catch in there. Not a freak about football but if it is destined to invade every holiday ever imagined then you learn at an early age to go with the flow! I understand very little but the rudimentaries of the game. Just enough to get me by. Or get me yelled at cause they expect more from me.

But ohhh doggy I can shore git fired up over a game I barely know. A well known fact that drives my son in law, Eric insane. I think, while he appreciates my enthusiasm for the game, he would like it if I knew exactly what I was cheering for. Heck sometimes I'm just cheering for more PopEye muscles.

Used to be I really liked the pants. I especially liked the teams that dressed their big strapping muscle bound men in lame'. Until I watched Joe Thiesman's leg snap in half. I don't look at the legs no more, uh uh. I am so thankful that tivo was not around then, the replay was bad enough. We wouldn't have watched anything else for a month. Do you know how many slow speeds there are on tivo and how many times Dirt can watch one simple non-game-making play?

And goodness gracious those uniform designers knew that I stopped looking cause they got into designing for the whole arm thing. Yeah the boys explained that it gave greater range of motion and wasn''t all flappy lots of material to grab. Uh huh you go on believing that's why it changed.

I'm thinking that if they are so worried about the excess material being grabbed then what are some of those fellas doing letting their corn rows out? They got four miles of loose material floating behind them and that material is attached to their head.

Funny how basketball went to the more material thing as they got more contacty

Big BTW (so then if it is "big" is it a "by the way", which is meant to convey nonchalantness?) the whole mysterious G commercial in the Rose Bowl and tonight's Fiesta Bowl?, a Gatorade commercial. No biggy. No life saving, sports saving movement afoot. Just more nasty Gatorade.

See you all tomorrow with some cute pics of the baby boy and the big boy and some yummy food. Just keeping it a little sumpin for everyone!


Mildred said...

Oh how funny you are! I, too, used to like the "pants". I would cheer for the team with the best looking quarterback!
I just have to share with you that yesterday Ditto (cat) and Harriet (dachshund) were in the kitchen right under my feet. Suddently, without warning, Harriet sneezed and Ditto went running and whining! So it's not just me!!! I thought you would get a laugh out of that one.

Marla said...

I had the Texas and Ohio game on last night. I actually like to watch college football , but and not really a fan of pro ball. Of course I always watch Nebraska play when they are on TV and I wear my Nebraska clothes and I cheer and pace loudly. My husband and boys when around would always laugh at me.

Susie said...

Here in our home we enjoy SEC college football.

I have to agree with you about that hair thing. What's that all about? Seems to me half of it would get pulled out. Ouch!!!!

Lisa said...

we are a football family also... my hubby and the boys are very much "into" it. I enjoy college football but not so much NFL.
When I was young I would go for the team with the best colors!

Daisy said...

Lanny, you make me laugh!! Thanks for that today! :D

LindaSueBuhl said...

Fun post - yes here in Tejas we are glad for the football results - at least our college teams play well!

Lanny said...

Hey Linda, that wouldn't be a rub for us up here in Warshington would it? We lost our pro basketball team, baseball and football stink, college football teams are pretty stinking sad... thanks for rubbing it in!

A. Joy said...

LOVE the photos! Aksel and the lamp are too cute and that cake is beautiful! I tried a red velvet cake last summer and almost done with the batter ... I totally ran out of red food coloring - like I had 3 little drops - so it turned out to be a tan suede colored cake. Ugh - just not the same! Love seeing the crew in the kitchen too!