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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Quick, write something in ten minutes and then get in bed.


Oh I know, I gave the onions a haircut today. I know you've been wondering about them, so there you have it, an onion update. I do need to get a stronger grow bulb on them though they look too weak.

Put in my first seed order to Territorial Seed Co finally today, peas, toms, a couple of peps, a couple more onions and a little broccoli to get us started.

Tomorrow Steph and I will make up some seed starting soil, that is if Kai present comes in the morning like it was supposed to come today. He is coming out to watch it with me. I'll tell you what it is after we watch it, I promise!

I have a lot of work to do tomorrow before we go in for gathering. Dirt has a three day weekend but he will be shearing and finishing the duck pen.

Oh, look over on the side board and notice that someone has a new post up. Yeah Bet! I am hoping she has broken through her blogging slump. She has a lot of good things up in her little noggin that I wish she would share more of what is up there. Just good encouraging down to earth things.

The girls practiced parallel parking the other day. I hope they do again soon because I didn't get out to get pix before they were done. You gotta see what they used to practice on. Tooo funny. It is a good thing we live in the country and are off of a main road that's all I'm gonna say for now cause it has struck my bed time.

Sing some praises to your Creator and Sustainer tonight, He is waiting to hear from you and to whisper comfort in your ear. Listen to Him, its the only way to fly.


Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks Lanny for another uplifting post and sharing from your life.

Dirt finishing the duck pen. Wow. I see with the onions, etc., you folks eat healthy stuff. Deb is largely a vegan, not that easy around me, though I do go largely on the ride with her, eating what she puts in front of me. Hard for a vegan, since so much is put in front of them which is not vegan.

Anyhow hope your winter is much warmer, and I assume it is. As the ocean helps you folks to some extent, I'm guessing, so the lake helps us over here. People south of here not protected by the lake are nearly 20 degrees colder. And we're at 1 F, with a high of 3 F today. Balmy.

Mildred said...

Morning Lanny. You made me hungry for fresh vegetables talking about your seed order. We woke up in Georgia to 10 degrees this morning. We seldom get temps this cold. Guess I'll look at a few seed catalogs myself today. Have a good weekend.

Melli said...

This is just the kind of posts of yours I love! Nothin' but rabbit trails! A bit of this a bit of that! NOT that I don't appreciate your MIND and your thoughts and YOUR good stuff... but these rabbit trails of yours are just so darned entertaining!

And yes! You may recommend a good book any time. I'm always looking for the good ones! Thank you!

Lisa said...

would love to see the parallel parking pics... ha ha.
I need to get my order filled out and prepared for Territorial Seed also. Thanks for the reminder!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you work too hard honey. have a little nap!

it fascinates me to watch them parallel park a cruise ship but they can do it!

smiles, bee

Tipper said...

Busy busy you are! I've been dreaming about seedlings too.

Susie said...

Okay, you can call me stupid but I'm not sure what toms and peps are.

LindaSueBuhl said...

ordered some seeds over the weekend (laptop computers and a zillion hours of professional football games equals plenty of garden planning time). I'm ready - only seeds aren't here yet and it was 21 degrees in North Texas this morning. Bleah. Soon it will change - very soon. and I'll have my little containers all ready with leggy plant starts - my grow lights are a bit weak.

Marla said...

I usually start a bunch of flower seeds inside but I didn't get it done last year. Not sure if I will this year. It's very time consuming and I just don't seem to be very motivated to do much anymore, except go to work everyday.

Daisy said...

Lanny, those seed catalogs sure are tempting to look at and order from this time of year, aren't they? I don't really have any room to plant much of anything where I live now. Where I used to live, I had a garden and used to plan it all out in the winter time long before it was time to plant.