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Friday, March 13, 2009

Bet Says

Bet says that when she hears the phrase, "shot to death," she envisions a person being shot multiple times. As in, shot enough times to make really stinking good and sure that the person is dead. She also adds that this applies to the phrases, stabbed to death and there was a stabbing. But that stabbed, as in "she was stabbed" is only one knife wound. In Bet world the suffix -ing indicates plurality.?

Watching TV with Dirt is educational. When a show uses a basketball free throw shot to explain a scientific concept and the graphic they use to show a spinning ball he is quick to say and reinforce the point by replaying the scene several times, that the ball is not spinning backwards like it is supposed to. Wow, I am so glad he caught that, I might have spent the rest of my life thinking that the ball involved in a free throw spins forward as the graphic clearly showed.

And that folks is watching cop shows with Dirt and Lanny and the girls. As for me? Well your dear Lanny is feriously typing and researching train cars and the Franko-Prussian war, probably why I missed the mis-spinning ball.

By the way, dinner; turkey, taters and gravy was heavenly in beauty and taste. Check it out No, It's Not Thanksgiving but I was giving thanks, thanks to God for all that I am given, including sweet girls who knock their socks off helping out around here. Tonight's wine selection via Trader Joe's, an above average (for my budgetary abilities) an ice version of moscato, in one of those lovely single serving bottles. Sweet and warm.

Quick update on the tests as per some inquiry, another came in on the web site and it shows that I don't have Sjogrens Syndrom. Remember, because I can't handle (according to GH) knowing the exact one I do have because they knew I was going to lose the list of tests they gave me, the mystery will be over on Monday when I have my follow up with my neurologist. Or not. It may very well continue to be a mystery. You know how I figure it is heavy metals because that is the only one that didn't show up? Well I have determined through the recollection of two other symptoms I exhibit that I most likely have mercury poisoning in my head and lead poisoning in my feet.

Good night cause I am going to get that sleep now.

God Bess


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Well, I hope the results point the doc's in the right direction so they may assist in whatever is ailing. I pray that God will guide the doctors and give them wisdom so y'all can deal with whatever is wrong. Hope you got some rest pal. I'm bone weary today and feel rung out. ♥ ∞

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well the turkey sounds wonderful, i love it all year long and i'll send a prayer for you and the tests honey. keep us informed. isn't it something that people that meet like this really care a whit what happens to someone? and yet we do...

smiles, bee

Mildred said...

Hi Lanny, I pray that you will enjoy your weekend and that you will get the answers you need on Monday. I pray that the Lord gives the Dr. wisdom to diagnose and treat your problem. God bless, let us hear from you.

Tipper said...

The dinner sound yummy! I hope all the other tests come back good too.

I forgot to say in the previous post-I'm happy to know a lady like you is praying for me-cause I do need it!!!!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

thanks for the update. keep us informed so that we all know how to pray. have a great weekend.

Marla said...

Hope that all your results turn out just fine. Yum, turkey sounds really good.