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Monday, March 9, 2009

Marching On

What? What's this? Not more snow. I had plans today.

Fluffy Joe, what the heck did you let happen? Your supposed to breathe on this stuff and make it disappear. Now what am I going to do?

Well, I'm glad I got my pots done this weekend. Too bad I can't see my new blue pansies.

But I guess I'll wait to do up my window boxes.

I wasn't sure I wanted to put these hyacinths in the window boxes after all. I didn't buy enough and if my spring is going to keep doing this, I'll just take them inside where I'll be able to smell them. Golly, glad I procrastinated again.

You know, I know your thinking I was being naughty spending money on potted bulbs, I oughta by bones huh. But they really weren't much more than what I paid for the bulbs this last fall. I get so tempted in the stores. I don't buy a daily latte .... Fluff, with the way you smell bud, I need every fragrant flower I can find.

Look at the back yard Fluff! I was going to weed and work on my log wall bed and Cherry Tree Hill.

Hey, I wonder if any of my Dear Readers remember this bed from Propagating, The Orange Tractor Rides Again, to the Rescue!, Arbor Bed, The Promise of Renewal, when I totally dug up this fall for a thorough revamping? I have some stuff already in, stuff I had divided up that came from out of here and some from other places. I will be putting more things in as time goes on and the soil reappears! I can't wait to see it in it's many stages. I would appreciate you not lying on anything Fluff.

These are the same mini daffs that Bet took a picture of for my banner the other day. Big diff for the daffs huh?!

Ahh, the pond side of Cherry Tree Hill, behind me to my right are my two new little cherry trees, the big tree I am looking at is the tree that produces most all of our cherries for now. Bet and I are excited because both little trees have buds on them, the first few years of a trees life are kind tenuous, especially around here, huh Fluff. Oh and yes, my girls can do all that and make a cherry pie, fresh from the trees!
The back side of our house, boy Fluff, there's a lot of changes that will happen in this scene in the next couple of months huh bud?

Hey, Fluff check it out the duck pen, waiting to be finished. Between areoplane conferences, early season sheep shearing, helping moving a friend's pawn shop, and this sort of weather, the pen is in a holding pattern, but soon, soon and then buddy, you can come down here and stare at them all day.
Fluff, those sheep do not look very thrilled with this snow. But they like it better than the wind and rain, you understand doncha bud, the sort of weather that makes you go up on my porch and get it all wet and smelly.

Well I don't think the peas are going to get much sun in there today! Fluff, remind me to water them Wednesday and get their beds all ready, 'cause they'll need to be in their permanent home real soon. I wonder if my Dear Reader remembers that the day I put my pea seeds to soak and then ran off to town, it snowed then too. So the next day instead of planting my soaked peas I made a terrarium instead.

The garlic is looking nice, even in the snow. I have some great pictures of my different garlic beds that I took yesterday, when there was dirt in the picture.

Here are the duck doors, waiting to be put on the front of the duck pen that isn't there yet. But soon, soon.

Well I tell you Fluff, this is good news indeed! I thought for sure that my mums that I tucked behind the chicken coop were going to be goners after the super cold we had earlier. See the blue-green growth in the center of the stems? And yes Fluff, I saw where you knocked two of them over when you went chasing after something, I will pretend that it was something after my chickens and I forgive you. Just don't let me catch you being so careless again, and it better well not have been a cat you were chasin' buddy.

Well that was a long way around to the barn to get new blocks for the suet feeders. But the little birdies are all set for freeloading today. I sure wish I had a better camera, Fluff, you think I could save my pennies and buy myself one for my birthday?
Hey you know what Fluffy, I bet a couple of my Dear Readers are thinkin' I forgot that I was supposed to do Kathy's list of questions, that's what bloggers call a meme, a list of sorta random, sorta personal questions. But I sure didn't forget Fluff, I was just wanting to take a walk with you in the snow to look at everything, enjoy the snow, maybe one last time.

1. What are you wearing now? Check it out, my uniform.

2. What is my biggest fear? Fearless. Even the stuff that makes me sweat, it can be conquered. No fear.

3. Worst subject in school? Deportment. "Miss Barker, are you talking again?" "Yes ma am."

4. Last person hugged? Terry, my good friend and neighbor for twenty-three years. I smooch and pat my family, hugs I save for crisis.

5. Last web sites visited? Group Health for my lab results (most are in, I'll tell you about them tomorrow).

6. What is the last item you bought? Dove & Quail food and a case of suet blocks.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Everywhere, why stop at just one place? As soon as I think of a place that would be my one choice I think of another, and another, then another and then...

8. If you woke up tomorrow and were the opposite sex what is the first thing you would do and why? Pee for a half an hour then go to work. Isn't that what ya'll do?

9. Has a celebrity ever influenced my own hairstyle? Nope. They look to me for advice.

10. Most embarrassing moment? This post is already too long for some people. 'Cept they have given up reading here, but nah, I'll tell you all about it this week, planned to anyway. No, no hints even. Sheesh, you have the patience of a gnat, you might want to work on that.

11. Last movie I watched? In the theater, New In Town. On Dirt's home screen, Cold Comfort Farm, in ten minutes segments from you tube to my television screen via the laptop. Both were well timed, much needed comedic relief.

12. If I had a whole day to myself with no work, commitments, or interruptions, what would I do? Am I being forbidden to "work" or visit? Then I would read, think and pray alternating and in random order.

13. If I had a choice of places to be, where would I be? Heaven, not a moment's hesitation.


KathyB. said...

Love this post Lanny, even before I got to the answers to the award! I especially love the picture of your sheep and the pond. I would personally mount and frame that picture for my home..or yours!

Ha ha, the snow...the joke is on us!
And I think you should re-post your writing on your amazing daughters and title it "and she can bake a cherry pie!"And I will say..from scratch and it beats any, yes ANY cherry pie sold in any bakery anywhere. I speak as the foremost cherry pie lover and critic, and from eating a still warm from the oven piece of cherry pie your Bet made and served me! The only other cherry pie makers as good as your daughters are my grandma and someone else I know well!

I just spent a bundle at the feed store on Dove & Quail food...those free doves aren't so free after awhile are they? But the pleasure of their presence and soft coos and laughs...priceless.

Oh, Cold Comfort Farm is a very good and under-rated film.....kind of an adult( not bad adult) version of POLLYANNA !

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well thanks for taking us on the walk with you lanny. that was interesting and fun. i was always told not to plant before may 10th. i have no idea why...

smiles, bee

Tipper said...

We've been having spring the past few days-but your pictures remind me-winter may still be waiting behind the corner!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! Winter isn't over yet I see! The snow is beautiful but you can keep it there! ;)

I loved the tour of your place. I am anxious to start our garden, but I better hold off. The weather has been crazy lately, in the 70's one day, which really tempts me to start the garden and then back down to 30 the next night.

Kanani said...

Snow? Now?
It's beautiful, but I can see where it hinders your plans for being in the garden all week!
I love hyacinths. Hope you'll get them planted as soon as things let up a bit!

Oh, and yes... cherry pie! The best, especially made with cherries from your neck of the woods!

Oh...and tomorrow I'm going to find out this new position they have for me at the company after having the entire division closed after only 3 weeks!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

And y'all can have all that white stuff!! Pretty to look at in photos but a mess to live in.

I like the answers on your Meme's. You must be a trip to know in person. (BTW, the word verification is "fierce"! Now doesn't that fit! And I mean that as a compliment. Fierce means brave to me.) :o)

I'm not much of a hugger either. In my family it meant I was about to be punched with a fist by my father so I'm hesitant about physical contact. He was very abusive and harsh.

I'm glad you like Cold Comfort Farm. It cheers me up too. ♥ ∞

Daisy said...

Oh dear, your poor daffodils look so sad in all that snow. I hope it has all melted back off again by now.

I enjoyed this post, Lanny. Fun answers to your award questions.